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Monday, April 1, 2013

BOOKs, BoOkS.... lots of books (part 1)

Well, I first want to apologize for being absent from the blog in the last little while. It has been a trying past few months balancing kids, holidays and illnesses and my own little side business. I have a few things lined up over the next few weeks that will be of great interest to all of my wonderful readers that have stuck with me.

Now the title of the post is all about the books that I received from the great people at Scholastic Canada. They have been generous enough to send us books to review on a regular basis and here are the wonderful books... I will do this in a 4-part post.

We first received a package of books oriented towards the great game of hockey... and at the time the National Hockey League had locked out the players which has now ended after 60+ days... now functioning on a shortened season the NHL is back and only about 20 odd games left to the regular season.

Crosby's Golden Goal by Mike Leonetti and Illustrations by Gary McLaughlin; 2012;ISBN: 978-1-4431-1910-8
Overview: This book recanted the tale of how a little boy who had felt his passion for hockey was gone. And his parents' acceptance of his decision. The main character, Tyler, still following his hockey heros and teams, found himself experiencing the great game in all of history, the Gold Medal game at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and how the goal by Sidney "the Kid" Crosby help him regain his passion for his memorable moment back on his team.
Review: This was a great read for me as a hockey fan and as a parent of 2 children just starting out in their journey and finding their passions. I think this made me realize that the decisions you children make reflect the parenting you have provided them and they will be fine in the end. I was able to discuss with my daughter that she has the power to be and do whatever she puts her mind to and should she change her mind she can and will be accepted and praised no matter where it takes her.
Good book for parents and children both because it opens us to accept that our children grow-up and we can only hope we have taught them well and showed them that we love and support them whole-heartedly. The book is colourful and the illustrations are realistic and eye-catching.

My First Hockey Book by Ian Crysler, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4431-0752-5
Overview: This is a hardcover board book, perfect for the little one to go through on their own. It is a pictorial describing the different ways the game of hockey is enjoyed whether it be on an outdoor rink, in front of the television with family or on a playground. A great way to celebrate one of the greatest games.
Review: This is a great book for parents to use to introduce their kids to the sport of hockey and describe how it is played year-round, on the ice or in the playground. It shows the family aspect of the game and how it can be enjoyed watching hockey at the rink or in front of the television with Dad or Mom. It also shows that it can be enjoyed during the warmer months on the playground or even the backyard. I really enjoyed discussing the equipement required to play the sport in different seasons as well as how we can enjoy the sport as a family too. The book is very much an early reader for those who are beginning their adventure in reading as well.

Over at the Rink: A Hockey Counting Book by Stella Partheniou Grasso and illustrated by Scot Ritchie, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-4431-1374-8
Overview: This is a story all about what happens during the game. This ins and outs of the puck and the players with a hint of counting and numbers thrown in for good measure. The story is told in a point of view of each person involved in the game whether it be the players, the referee & linesmen, the spectators, the reporters and hockey scouts. It discusses the numbers of people playing and watching and keeping the rules of the game in tow. It is writing with excitement and glory in the game being played. The tale is told and set to a fun rhythm of the counting rhyme Over the Meadow, it creates a fun way to show how much appreciation we have for the sport of Hockey.
Review: We loved reading this one because not only did we have fun with the rhyme but the illustrations were absolutely illuminating. The excitement built as we went through the tale of the game and we stopped to count as we read. In the end we read this book many times since and enjoyed it even more every time. If you love hockey this is a great way to bring counting to the little ones and share the love of the game. Brilliant way to use the rhyme to show the love we all share for the game to the little ones in our lives and lights a spark in their outlook on the fun as well.

The Big Game by Gilles Tibo and Bruno St-Aubin, 2012, ISBN: 978-1-4431-1943-9
Overview: This book tells the story that all athletes face as they come upon the "best" team in their league... the pressures and the passions of the non-athletes and coaches. The feelings that overwhelm the athletes psyche as they end up not being able to do what they do best... play the game they love pressure free. In this the main character, Nicholas, comes up with a plan of his own to be able to play his game without all the advice engulfing him and pulling  him under. He shares his secret with his teammates and the game ends with the victory. The strategy of winning the game was ingenius and fun.
Review: The kids really enjoyed the ending of this book it brought out giggles and belly laughs in all 3 of as we finished the book and found out what Nicholas had done. It is a great book for kids to learn that everyone has an opinion and wants you to do your best. Also that people want to think they are helping when sometimes they are not, only creating pressure or feelings of confusion and discomfort in you. It also showed that you can take it into your own hands and silence the outside noise so you can concentrate on the task at hand. The book is colourful and well illustrated.

We would like to thank Scholastic Canada for the opportunity to review the books. We hope that you will take these books into consideration when adding to your kids library at home!

Disclaimer: I received these books from Scholastic for the purpose of writing a review of the them, free of charge. There was no monetary gains made on my part. The opinions expressed here at strictly that of mine and you are free to make your own judgement.


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LauraEva said...

Thanks for the reviews!!! They look like great books. As a hockey fan, I am happy to see the game being played again. Thanks!