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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids Flip-Flop Tutorial

Well, I am participating in a Flip Flop exchange as part of the Blog by Becca called The Texas Darlings, along with the Princess. She is participating in the Kids version and gets a pen pal for the summer. She is very excited to get to know someone new.

So what I have been working on for the last week are the flip flops.

Without further dilly dallying here it is...

Kid's Flip Flops Tutorial 

Materials needed: flip flops, ribbon, 1/4" elastic, straight pins, and Sewing Machine

-Disney Flip Flops from Disney Store $4.00 on sale, aren't they cute!!!
-Ribbon I used was 1/2" wide, I cut it 10" long and burned the ends with a lighter.
-The elastic was 4" long and 1/4" wide

1. Pinned the elastic to the ribbon, folded the ribbon in half then folded the elastic in half and pinned the middle to the ribbon. Then I stretched the elastic and pinned the end to the ribbon, repeat on other side.

2. Off to the sewing machine, I used a zigzag stitch and it was set on its shortest length for stitch because the elastic was only 1/4" wide. I put the needle down in the elastic and ribbon then slightly pulled the ribbon and elastic as I sewed

Here is how the elastic ruffled up after sewing it together.

***Be sure to back stitch the beginning and ends of the elastic.

4. Take the left over ends and make a loop, sew down with a straight stitch, going back over it a few times to secure it.

5. Take the back pieces of the 'Y' thong of each flip flop out of the foam and feed the plastic piece into the loop you just made. Repeat for the other side. Important step it be sure that the ribbon faces out and the elastic faces in before feeding threw the plastic on the other side.

Then put the plastic pieces back into the holes.

Ta-Da! Here are Flip Flops with a back strip to keep them on you little Princess' feet.

It is my take on all the flip flop tutorials out there I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for my Revamp No Sew Adult Flip Flop Tutorial coming up later....
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mle said...

Oh! those flips are too cute! what a great idea to put straps on them!!

Jami said...

My daughter would love these. What a great idea to make a back strap!

sucor said...

Awesome! So cute. What a great idea and tutorial! It is also so much safer too when they have the strap to keep them on. Thank you!

Leslie said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial and for linking up to Hoo's got talent!