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Friday, November 28, 2014

Lovable Labels...Cyber Monday Weekend Sale

Hello all you Cyber Monday shoppers!!!

I just wanted to spread the word about the latest Lovable Labels promotion that start the celebration of Cyber Monday start to holiday shopping!!!

Sale starts 
Friday, November 28th, 2014 
ends Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 11:59pm!!!

Great deals on those Lovable Labels too!!!

ALL Weekend long, here are the 4 super saving deals you can get for keep things coming home...

Deal #1: 50% off Slimline Labels (Now $9.95)
Deal #2: 50% off Sticker Labels (Now $9.95)
Deal #3: $5.00 off Stocking Stuffers (Now $10.00)
Deal #4: $5.00 off Santa Sampler Gift Pack (Now $9.95)
Deal #3: Stocking Stuffers- $5.00 off (NOW $10.00)

***BONUS ALERT!!!!***
FREE Standard Shipping on ALL Canadian and U.S. orders all weekend long!!!

Take advantage of the deals and get your things labelled! 

Disclaimer: I will be receiving free product in return for this post to share the promotion being put on by Lovable Labels. All opinions are that of mine, you are free to develop your own opinion. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday to Lovable Labels.... They Celebrate with 5 Days of Deals!!

Wow, do I have a special treat for all my readers out there!!!

Lovable Labels is celebrating 5 years with a huge 
5 Days of Deals!!!

It is starting with:
Day 1 Deal: 50% off Sticker Labels
Day 2 Deal: 50% off Slimline Labels
Day 3 Deal: 50% off Fun Stickies
Day 4 Deal: 50% off Square Labels

They save the BEST deal for their last day of celebrations
Day 5 Deal: 50% off Back to School Packs!!!!
Regularly it is $44.95... and you get it for $22.50
And there are 165, yes 165, labels!!!!

Check back tomorrow to see what their 
Amazing Deal will be for Day 2 3 4 5!!!

Hope you took advantage of all their specials!!! They were great ones not to have got yourself some Lovable Labels!!!

Get yourself some of these great products so that your kids or even your things make it home!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, in which I have received product from Lovable Labels in exchange for promoting their 5th Birthday Celebration. All opinions are that of my own and you are free and able to form your own opinion of the product.

Friday, September 19, 2014

SPOOK-tacular Sale Enabler... Lovable Labels 3 Day Sale

Hi All!
Sorry it has been a while since I have been in touch with you wonderful readers. I took the summer to be with my kiddies and we had a wonderful time filling our days with activities and most of all... FUN!!!! Isn't that what its all about?!

Well, I am back, with the kids to back in school.... I am here to share with you some great news that I have been given privy to from Lovable Labels!!!

It is never to late to get your kids belongings labelled so they come home with them every day.

Also check out their new Halloween Products... they have introduced Halloween party pack labels, themed fun stickies, sweet notes and treat bag labels. They are awesome to pick up for your kids.  All are at a reasonably price point, with a lots to make use of, as well.

So here is the details on the Spooktacular Sale going on over at Lovable Labels from
September 19 to 21, 2014 only!!!
ends at 11:59 pm on the 21st

Get $10 off your order $25.00 or more,
when you use the coupon code: 
(enter the code at the checkout)

Take advantage of this 3 day Spooktacular sale! 
It's also never too late to get a jump on the holidays either with this discount!!! 

Don't forget that you can use the code: 
(good until 10/31/14) 
to get 10% off you order anytime.

Halloween Pack- Hocus Pocus theme.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I am affiliated with Lovable Labels through their LoveBug program and in return for posting about their monthly promotions, I receive free product. Any opinion expressed here is that of my own. You are free to form you own opinion of the Lovable Labels product.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Guest Review: The Shaidee

My sister, Jacqueline, recently along with her husband and 9 month old daughter, we fortunate to be able to review The Shaidee. The Shaidee is new product created by a mom to fill the need of shading our little ones from the harmful rays of the sun, while being able to continue with the closeness of bonding created by a carrier. So below you will find Jacqueline's review and thoughts on the Shaidee.

My husband and I love to cruise and we booked a Caribbean cruise with our eight month old daughter.  The first of many, we hope.  People (mainly my MIL) were asking me why I would want to take an eight month old baby on a cruise to the heat of the Caribbean, was I crazy? Truthfully, there are many reasons....we love to cruise, I am on maternity leave so I'm not using my vacation leave, we want our daughter to travel with us in the future and wanted to start young, and it's the Caribbean, need I say more?  Any way, all these questions prompted me to search for products that we could use to keep baby shaded and cool.  

I came across the Shaidee when searching the internet for something that would allow me to use my carrier on the trip.  I have the Ergobaby carrier in BLACK, a petunia pickle bottom design.  What was I thinking when I bought a black carrier?  I guess I was thinking it's gorgeous. My daughter loves the carrier, she naps in the carrier and both of us love the closeness.  So I knew I would be using the carrier on the cruise, but how to keep baby cool?  
The Shaidee, I hoped?  I searched high and low to see where I could find something similar, yet there was nothing.  I sat there and thought, why didn't I invent this.  The Shaidee is very innovative; there seems to be nothing like it on the market.  The only option I had, other than the Shaidee was to carry an umbrella or throw a receiving blanket over the front of the carrier - both options were not practical. 

I received the Shaidee to review just a week before our trip.   It took just two days to receive.   The first thing I noticed when I received the package was how light the Shaidee is.  Weight was a concern for us as when cruising with a baby we were taking everything, including the kitchen sink with us, with all the diapers, wipes, food pouches, formula (just in case).... According to the Shaidee website it is just 4.5 ozs, we never weighed it but definitely it was light.  Also the package was very small, opening the box the Shaidee is in it's own handy carrier it is rolled small and takes up only about 4" x 12" of space...again, thinking of the luggage this is a great benefit.  The cover fit under our umbrella stroller storage when I brought my carrier along and needed to have it available.  The Shaidee also fit in our diaper bag easily.

Ok. So with all the preparing to get ready I didn't practice using the Shaidee nor was I able to take the box on the trip due to limited space.  I didn't put the Shaidee on before leaving. Oh no, right?  Not a problem. I was by myself while my husband was swimming and it was so bright. I had baby in the carrier and took out the Shaidee and thought I would have difficulty putting it on alone for the first time but I was able to easily put the Shaidee on by myself.  It was super simple to use.  It worked like a charm. I could tell that the baby was blocked from the sun.  The Shaidee did not interfere with the carrier or baby.  The fabric is soft and the Shaidee is flexible so there is no worry about irritating baby. 

The only thing I might recommend is a small window/ opening that closes with Velcro to see the baby through.  

I may also recommend an extension of the Shaidee of a UV cover that could hang down to cover the front/ legs maybe if the new Bug screen for Shaidee has uv protection.

Just as an FYI, the Shaidee is just $39.99 and a great investment for those who like baby wearing.

All in all I would definitely recommend the Shaidee to anyone who has a carrier. It appears to be adaptable to all carriers.  It allows mom to use the carrier and know her baby is protected from the harsh rays of the sun and enjoy baby wearing through the seasons and in the heat of the Caribbean.  Click here to find the Shaidee.  And take your baby on that sun destination vacation, just get a Shaidee and protect baby. Enjoy. 

~Jacqueline, new mom to a 9 month old Princess

Thanks Jacqueline for the informative review and for introducing us to the Shaidee! I wish I had known of this when my littles were babies!


Monday, April 14, 2014

YOLO (You Only Label Once) Sale at Lovable Labels... Enabler Alert!!!

Lovable Labels is having a 3 day sale, that starts April 15th, 2014 and ends on April 17th, 2014 at 11:59pm PST... they are calling it their YOLO (You Only Label Once) Sale!!!! And to be completely honest, you will only label things once when you have their product!!! You will be able to save $10 on all purchases of $25 or more, when you use the discount code: YOLO2014.

Take advantage of this discount and stock up so that your kids will bring their things home and you aren't scavenging the lost and found bin at their school, summer camp or daycare facilities; especially with the summer drawing ever so near (count down to summer is on!)

You will only label once and things will come home!!!!!

YOLO Sale Code:

Sale is from  April 15 - 17/14

Shoe tags, one of many labels
available from
Lovable Labels

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I have received product from Lovable Labels in return for posting this promotion on my blog. Any opinion expressed here is that of my own, you are free to form you own opinion of the Lovable Labels product.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lovable Labels March Early Bird Sale, Product Review & Giveaway!!!

Well, it is March here in Canada but not looking much like it... received 15-20 cm of snow here yesterday with windchill warnings as well, but the day before that brought to us sun and +9 (or higher) degrees Celsius. And this the reason for Spring to be all but a dream. (Oh and I am dreaming that it comes soon... even though it says 8 days it seems like it will be forever a dream.)

Great news...
I received a email from Lovable Labels that seemed give me hope that Spring and even Summer were not far off. Lovable Labels is having a March Early Bird Sale on their Ultimate Camp Pack!!!! As some of my friends are already planning Summer Camp programs this is a great pack to add to the need to label every item your child will take with them to camp, grandparents' house, or daily activities they will be participating in. Because as we all know, kids tend to lose their belongings whether it be misplacing, forgetting or someone else taking it by mistake due to having the same one themselves. It never fails that kids will lose it! So the Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack is a great way to prevent that from happening this summer!!!!

The Early Bird Sale is only good until March 31st, 2014!!! You can buy early and save BIG on the Ultimate Camp Pack!!!!

What is the Early Bird Pricing (expiring 03/31/14), you might ask??? 
Get the Ultimate Camp Pack for only $39.95... a $5 savings!!!!! For the big pack of labels (over 150 labels) on Lovable Labels!!!!

Let's talk about Labels....
I was offered to review the Ultimate Camp Pack in return for being able to give my readers an opportunity to win their own Lovable Label Ultimate Camp Pack!!!! So having 2 kids it was hard to decide which one would be in need of the labels, but it came down to who was in the room at the time of me responding to the email... my son... so he chose the "Metal Man" design for his labels. They arrived at we started labelling his things!!!! He loved the robots and the fact that there were different variations of robots on the labels, some had 1 eye and some had 2 eyes. I loved the colours, bright and noticeable! Not something that could get misplaced for who its owner is when looking for the items at the end of the school day. Did I mention that he was in Junior Kindergarten and loving it!!!! Since starting, he has come home with several items missing, first week it was his water bottle that took a week to get back, same item taken by a classmate who thought it was his own (where were these labels when I needed them????) Well, we don't have to worry any more!!!! (Excited Mama here!) We tried a couple of the items in various settings of their features to check out how the labels stood up. We put the container in the dishwasher and it stood to a hot washing cycle. We put his winter jacket in the washer and dryer and low and behold the label stayed where we had put it. I also tried to pry the label on the spoon off and had no luck at getting it off the spoon, so I was extremely happy because the spoon was a Thomas the Tank Engine character, my son's favourite.. so if it was lost there would be a sad little boy for sure! We also labelled his new kicks, he walked around in them and the labels didn't move from where we stuck them!!!  Overall, Lovable Labels make a great product that stands up to the test when it comes to staying where they are put and help make sure the things come home!!! There was also 2 key tags, which my son called his new necklace and was so excited... he thought they were dog tags (which I though was so cute!)
Bonus to being able to test these labels is the variety that you get with the pack... over 150 labels varying from clothing, shoe, slim, and square as well as tags!!! The designs for the labels are so cute and suitable to girls and boys with themes or no theme!

See where we put them...
-slimline, sticker and square labels on utensils, containers and water bottles

-clothing DOTS on jacket and backpack

-shoe labels on red kicks

 Let's Give an Ultimate Camp Pack away....
 *Giveaway is open to residents of U.S & Canada, age 18 and over, only.
Winner will be contacted via email, so be sure it is a valid email used to enter.
Winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email to claim the prize and then Lovable Labels will be contacted with the winner's email address so that the prize can be personalized to the winner's needs.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Lovable Labels for the chance to review and giveaway the Ulitmate Camp Pack to one lucky reader.

Don't forget to take advantage of the March Early Bird Pricing.... it ends March 31st, 2014

Didn't win the giveaway???

Use the special code: AngelaSLB1 (exp. 04/30/2014)
get an extra 10% off your order from lovablelabels.ca.

Disclaimer: I received the items, Ultimate Camp Pack, from Lovable Labels in exchange for this review and giveaway. The opinion expressed here are that of my own, you are welcome to develop your own opinion on the product.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Package Pal Time Again!!!

It's Package Pal Time and I just received my partner!!!!! If you are crafty and would like to share your craftiness with a fellow crafter then you HAVE to check out the Package Pal event over at  C.R.A.F.T. blog. Jaimie is awesome and expecting a new baby very soon, and paired up with Julie from Stars & Shine. These fun events allow you to create a gift for your partner and then showcase it on your blog and have fun meeting someone new who likes to craft like you!

Stay tuned for the updates and more information on my partner!!!