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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!

I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful men in my life...
                         one I am married to (Mr. Man) and the other who has been my hero all my life.

Let me tell you about Mr. Man, aka Daddy....
He is my soulmate...my one true love, my Prince Charming and my best friend. He is supportive of everything I do and will do. He single handedly support our beautiful family, enabling me to be a SAHM and raise our beautiful kiddies. He is always there for me. This is the man I knew would be the one, after all he makes me laugh from day one. He always tells me he is only happy when I smile.  I love him with all my heart. He is the greatest dad because he loves watching cartoons, he does funny voices and he just adores the kiddies. I watch him as he plays with them and he amazes me at what he can get them laughing at. The kids always miss him when he works and get so excited when he comes home.  Princess has him wrapped around her finger so tightly he doesn't even realize it yet. Cheeky Monkey is always saying "Dad, Dad, Dad" never "mama". And when Cheeky Monkey smiles at you all you see is his dad's mischievous grin.  From the moment we found out we were going to be parents both times, he was there for it all. He is the perfect Father to the kiddies.
                                               I love you Honey and Happy Father's Day!!!

Now to pay hommage to the man who helped make me Me...my Dad aka Grampie....
I read a quote the other day, I don't remember all of but the part I do went something like
               ..."a father is a daughter's first love"
My dad is my hero. He is the one I hold all people's characters and personalities to. He is a hard working, fun, and compassionate. He taught me the importance of family, I guess growing up with eleven siblings makes family mean more. He taught me how important being community minded is, lead me into being a volunteer, seeing him as a volunteer ambulance member and firefighter as well as on various boards around the community.  He never let us go without no matter what he had to do without.  I grew up in a small rural community of less than 1000, with only one main means of making a living...forestry.  He helped put me through universities as well as massage therapy school, even with 2 other kids. I grew up kind of being a tomboy, helping my dad with everything from putting in the firewood for winter, to moving an old furnace from the basement to the outside. I will never forget the night my middle sister and I found my Nana (his mom) sitting on the driveway late at night, when she wandered away from her house and support worker...one can never forget seeing the pride in your father's eyes knowing his daughters had just saved someone, not to mention it being his ailing mother, knowing it could have been avery bad situation. His love for his family surpasses any level you could imagine. now as a Grampie, you can see the love he has for the kiddies. He enjoys talking on the telephone and now we "Skype(R)" daily if not more than 2 times a daily if the Princess has the say. He along with my mom light up when the kids are on the computer. He is filled with an unmeasureable amount of love that shows in his smile everyday...he lights up when he hears "Grampie".
                                     I love you Daddy & Happy Father's Day!


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