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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have a few tutorials and stuff coming!!

Sorry, I haven't posted much in the last 6 days. It has been a crazy few. It all started with the lost of a family member. My cousin, Jen, she was 36 and has left behind 4 children and a loving hubby... It was a sudden & tragic loss to a heart attack (I am still in a bit of shock so I have been more about my family as of late...hope you all understand).
Me, Cheeky Monkey & the Princess (no she isn't strangling him & now you know who I am)
So with my parents and baby sis & her fiance live in New Brunswick so we use Skype(R) to communicate multiple times daily...Cheeky Monkey knows the sound of Skype(R) and comes running (along the sofas) and crawling full tilt when he hears it & the Princess is constantly asking if we can "call Nana & Grampie on Skype(R)?") For us, it is a great way for my parents to keep up to date on the kiddies and I like that the kiddies are more familiar to their faces. Princess still tries to show the phone what she is doing when we call to check if they are available to Skype(R) with us...(she cracks me up)
So this is a little of the reason I have been a bit absent from the bloggy-hood.

He loves the Alien
Part of the Disney
celebration of Toy Story 3
We also have been making the most of our days with each other by getting out and about... with trips to the playground and weekend parties at the local Disney Store. The Toy Story 3 excitement is taking over our home as we speak...
Can't wait 'til Friday!!!!!! Guess what we will be doing for Father's Day!!!!

Princess had to have a photo shoot with every Toy Story 3 character in the Disney Store...

On a side note....
Kids do say the darnedest things is really so true...especially for the Princess.
We have been trying to get her to remember her last name and our names in case she gets lost (Oh yeah, I have a great review coming up for this too). So we have been quizzing her on her name and our names when we are going on an outing.
The other day, I asked her what her name was... to which she told me her first name "Bella" (name has been created to protect her identity)
I then asked "Bella what?" (trying to get her to say her last name)
...to which she replied with her first and middle names "Bella Marie"
...so again I asked her using her first and middle names "Bella Marie what?"
... her response was "Bella Marie Get-off-of-there"
(I guess it goes to show that when you are trying to protect your children from harm, like when she decides to free-fall on the sofa or bed, you really need to remember that you are imprinting a young mind and choose your words carefully so as not to create such a instance.)
All in all I had a chuckle and was taken a back at the fact that she still is learning about who she is and I have a role to play in that. She eventually told me her last name.
...all I have to say is what a girl!!

Then there is Mr. Man, who is now afraid of Prom night from her after a shift at the hotel during Prom celebrations. He told the Princess she was banned from Prom. He described the Prom celebration as right from a scene in Gremlins, the party one where they are hanging from the chandeliers. I laughed to myself and exclaimed that we would be living in my hometown (in New Brunswick) at this point so there was no need to worry (I can dream can't I?????).

Overall, family time has become moments that we are celebrating more these days.
We are trying to nail down the details for a family trip home...I need this sooooo much... it's been to long for me to be away.
Plus Princess turns 3 in August...so trying to work on the plans and decorations for the party...while they are napping...

Here's to family and friends, hold them close and love them more, while you cherish the moments.


I♥thesecrazykids said...

So sorry for your loss!

sucor said...

I'm so very sorry! That's so tragic and difficult for you, her and all her family and friends. I speak from experience - my husband died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 45 (I was 40) leaving me with two children.