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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finding Christmas... a Robert Munsch Book Review

This week we were given the opportunity to review a book from Scholastic Books... it is part of our festive reading series leading to the holiday month.

Finding Christmas by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, 2012, North Winds Press, ISBN: 978-1-4431-1317-5, Ages 3-8 - 32 pages - 8 ¾" x 10 5/16" 

Every single Christmas, Julie finds the presents her mom and dad have hidden. But this year, the presents are nowhere to be found! Have her parents decided not to have Christmas at all? So Julie searched the house and in places she found the presents in previous years... but they are nowhere to be found. Does she find them... or will she become something special on Christmas morning??? It becomes the family's most memorable Christmas ever!!!

My Review~~ This brings me back to memories of searching for my gifts every year as a child but I never found them... As my kids grow up I enjoy the idea of them eventually trying to figure out where we hide their gifts from us. The book is full of excitement and the kids guessing if Julie was going to be able to find her presents. We loved the ending and really want to leave it for you to figure out... where she finds the gifts and why it is a wonderful Christmas for her family...

On a fun side... there is a fun game on the Scholastic Book site to play and go allow with this book
Click HERE for the link to play!

Thanks to Scholastic Books for the chance to review this lovely book! It will definitely be a fun annual read for our family.

Disclaimer: I received these books from Scholastic for the purpose of writing a review of the them, free of charge. There was no monetary gains made on my part. The opinions expressed here at strictly that of mine and you are free to make your own judgement.

Happy reading!

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