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Monday, April 8, 2013

BOOKS.... glorious books (Part 2)

Books.... glorious books!!!!

This is part 2 of the book reviews from our lovely friends at Scholastic Canada...

Welcome, Baby by Barbara Reid, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4431-1960-3
Overview: This is a wonderful book that would make a great gift for new parents. Colourful and bright clay sculptures matched with rhymes make it a fun book to entertain new parents and baby. In the book, you will find the moments where memories are made whether they be small or large, significant or insignificant. Those moments where you cherish the new addition to the family.
Review: This is an entertaining book for those with new babies or young children because it makes you reflect on the moments you value from the time the little one came into your life. I love the clay work as it captures the instances that can make memories. As a Mama of 2 young children, I loved reading this and discussing with them the moments that we shared as they became a part of our family. I would definitely suggest this book as a great addition to top off a gift to new parents.

Little Jack Horner, Live From the Corner by Helaine Becker, illustrated by Mike Boldt, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4431-1378-6
Overview: This book offers us a twist on the old nusery rhyme about Little Jack Horner. The story is brought to by way of the "showcase of talent" inspiration and family characters are in the tale of Little Jack Horner who is trying to tell the audience "Old MacDonald".  As he starts he is continuously interrupted by Mary Mary Quite Contrary, correcting him and offering clarification on the character's in the nursery rhyme... until finally Little Jack Horner gets it right and we all find out what Old MacDonald had on his farm.
Review: This was a fun book to read because we tried to figure out what Old MacDonald had on his farm as we read before I revealed what Mary Mary told Little Jack Horner. It is a cute story with lovely graphics and tells the story in a very fun and unique way that would interest little ones. My littles found it to be funny and brought out giggles as we read.

My Friend Henry by Philippe Béha, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4431-1967-2
Overview: My Friend Henry is tale of his best friend looking all over for him and not being able to find him. It tells of the favourite places and spots they frequented together and visited, such as the grocery store and the park- but alas Henry is no where to be found, and his friend is worried that he has lost his best friend. As the story progresses and Henry is found the fun and surprising reason behind him being missing is a wonderful treat for the readers.
Review: We really enjoy the bright illustrations and kids were left on the edge of their seats trying to figure out where exactly Henry was... we discussed how we feel when we lose things and with Princess being in school how important friends are to our lives and how we feel when they are away from school. We also found the ending of the story really cute and enjoy reading this book over and over. It shows how we rely on our friends to brighten our day and make us feel happy when we are with them and sad when they are away.

Seeing Red by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4431-2446-1 PBK
Overview: Seeing Red is  certainly another wonderful addition to the Robert Munsch library. It is a story of Alex and Arie, best friends, who want to change the colour of their hair. Alex wants to have black hair and Arie wants to have red hair (the colour of their friend's hair). Each one asks the other to share their secret to have their hair colour. Each boy go home to try out the secrets to get the hair colour they desire. Finally, they discover they are having the wool pulled over their eyes by their friend's method to hair colour and then change their hair to one they both can have!!!
Review: Robert Munsch does not disappoint at all with this book, we loved reading this tale of how each child tries to change their hair to their friend's hair colour. We discussed whether or not their recipes for hair colour would work. The illustrations are fabulous. They are bright and fun and makes you want to find out if they can change their hair colour. We are definite Munsch fans, me from all the way back, and I am glad to be able to introduce my littles to his wonderful writings.

Hope you take these books into consideration when looking for books to add to your kids' home library!
Thanks to Scholastic Canada for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to a few books that are good reads!!!

Disclaimer: I received these books from Scholastic for the purpose of writing a review of the them, free of charge. There was no monetary gains made on my part. The opinions expressed here at strictly that of mine and you are free to make your own judgement.

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