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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cupcake Stand Tutorial....FINALLY!

You will really get a kick out of this tutorial....it was originally my idea but then Mr. Man tweeked it a bit and this is how it turned out.
1. gather your supplies: paper, ribbon, glue gun, pieces of wood and layer separation forms (Mr. Man brought home these tubes with covers that held Reidel wine glasses he had given to him knowing I would use them at some point. They were of various sizes- my baby sis took some home to use for her wedding decorations that were larger in size). Mine, I used were about 3" in diameter, and a hubby who is handing unless you feel like doing it yourself....screws & a protractor, drill, Exacto knife & cutting mat and stencil spray adhesive ( I will explain this in a minute).
1. We (Mr. Man cut the pieces) took 3 pieces of 3/4" plywood (I would suggest that you use MDF if you are going to buy or sand the plywood...if I had more time I would have sanded it better). The squares were 8", 10" & 12" in size. The 12" would fit a piece of scrapbooking paper perfectly!! (No cutting needed)
3 pieces of plywood
2. Using a protractor and ruler find the centre of the pieces and make a circle the diameter of the covers from the tubes
marking the centre where the cover will be screwed
3. I cut the paper to the size of the pieces, 8", 10" & 12"(okay I didn't cut the last one), then I used the protactor to draw the place where the hole will go. Hole you say....well Mr. Man came up with the idea of cutting out the centre so it would fit over the cover of the tubes, no seams.
circle centre to be  carved out
Toy Story 3 themed paper for the Princess' party
4. Mr. Man took the tubes and cut them in half. He also came up with the idea that screwing down the covers and not glueing the tubes down so that we could change the paper for every party we throw...hence the reason for using stencil spray adhesive...removable somewhat.

5. Here is the cover inside and then Mr. Man screwed it down

Here it is before the paper is applied
the adhesive I used & paper applied to piece of plywood on right
6. There were a few cutting discrepancies that took place so I had this cord in my crafting stash so I filled the gaps.


Here is on the left the before the tube is on and the right with the tube attached.
7. Once all the layers were attached I used matching ribbon and hot glue to cover the edges of the layers.

Almost done...
8. I used hemp twine at the last minute to cover the black tube, it had the word "REIDEL" in gold on one side....didn't fit. The Twine worked into the theme great because for the banners I used the twine to attach them together and hang around the house.

9. And here is the finished project that Mr. Man helped me with....it is changeable and easily stored because it comes apart.

Side Note: The picture above of the paper that has the centre cut out of it was the original idea, and I modge podged the paper to the pieces but it began to bubble and would not smooth out....reason: the plywood was not sanded smooth enough and the wood's grooves caused the paper not to lay flat. So it had to be sanded off (really it was that bad). So the paper changed.

I hope you all enjoyed our creation. Sorry it took so long to get it on here.

*** TS3 paper came from the Sandylion (which has recently been acquired by Trends International Inc. so please don't be surprised with the website) see the post done previously about it HERE.



1 comment:

sucor said...

Great project! I like that it is changeable and it comes apart. That makes it so versatile and easier to find a place to store it.