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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planning a 3rd birthday is underway....

The countdown is on.....Princess turns 3 in less than 22 days and I had to re-plan the party theme. After her seeing all 3 Toy Story movies, she came out of the final movie telling me she wanted a Toy Story party.  I kinda anticipated this but wasn't prepared for the fall out from the movie. She is Jessie's biggest fan. And you know it is hard to find Jessie theme party ideas so it has become a Toy Story party....

I have a number of templates and tutorials that I will post as I get them up...probably after the party. I will give you guys some hints and I have one blog that I did get some free printables, Crafty Workin Mommy. Here you'll see some fun printables and links to other websites to find Toy Story theme. Also Disney Family website has Toy Story ideas and printables as well.

Oh and I wanted to let you know I found some great deals on scrapbook supplies here in Canada, I am sure there is US locations as well....Sandylion has a Sticker Warehouse here in Ontario. They own the rights to a number of Disney and nickelodeon characters....Toy Story, Dora, Thomas, Batman, Sponge Bob, Disney Pricesses and Disney Fairies to name a few. And the prices are unbelieveable...I got paper here cheaper than at Michaels (regular priced). So check out the locations in your area.

I am waiting for the Toy Story Cricut cartiridge to arrive and will be there waiting to pick it up on the day it arrives.....hopefully before the Birthday party.

Take care,


sucor said...

Thanks for sharing the printables sites! I hope your Toy Story cartridge arrives soon!

Terri said...

Thanks for linking my Toy Story party and printables. Good luck with your party, I look forward to seeing pictures.