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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Princess' Castle: Making use of a Pull-Up Box!!!

On the Weekend, Princess got into her Disney Princesses figurines that she received for her birthday and was playing with the not so little parts (i.e: dresses). She then asked where the Princesses lived.....
so a light came on in my head....make my Princess a Castle for her Princesses...what to use?????
Then it dawned on me that I had just taken an empty box up stairs to clean up some clothes in Cheeky Monkey's drawers...why not use it. So I went searching the scrapbooking stashes and with scissors & Exacto in hand....
I took a once drabby pull up box (don't need them anymore cause Princess is almost completely potty trained (jumping for joy around my house everyday we go without accidents...really you should see me!!!)
So I took this......
the box

cut box in half and the top flaps off
drew out where to cut everything
And turned it into this....
outside, scrap book paper with stones on it...old stuff  (6-8 yrs)
used those rings to join the 2 halves together
so it can close up to put away neatly.
Will add a means to keep it closed & cary it too
 One side is wallpapered and the other needs it but, thought of it while doing the 2nd box.
Princess showing how the dolls enter
She was waving to me through the door but I missed it.

I will add in pics of the Princesses playing in their new home. I even thought of looking for ways to fold paper to make furniture, or even recycle things around the house into furniture....stay tuned.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and create something from nothing...cause it is all about the child isn't it?!!!!

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sucor said...

Great idea and project! I bet your "Princess" loves playing with the castle you made for her princesses!

Tania QT said...