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Friday, August 23, 2013

Toothless Wonder!!! Adventures in Growing Up... and Confessions of a Needy Mama

I call this the "Toothless Wonder!!! Adventures in Growing Up!" because this Mama doesn't wanna except the fact that her baby girl and baby boy are growing up. As I am sure all parents face this as they see the days winding down to the start of the biggest milestone after walking and talking and potty-going... school!
Both the Princess and Monkey are headed to school in September... boy am I dread this milestone immensely. I am not scared that they will not enjoy their new adventures, I know they will love this time of learning and development and independence. I am scared that the need to have Mama around to help. I think I should have called this post "Confessions of a Needy Mama" (so I changed the title a bit.) I have a lot of 'What if...' questions in my head and fear I may have panic attack and perhaps a bout of insomnia as the days inch closer. I have prepared them for to be the best that they can be and taught them right from wrong, although I feel they don't always follow the teaches. But we learn from our mistakes and move on to use them to make use even better.

On a side note:
Lately, they have been showing less and less restrain when it comes to the rules in the house (I will show you the project I created with regards to the "Rules" next time.) I don't know if it the fact that they have been together for so long this summer or just that point where they know things are changing with the talk of school supplies, school clothes and back to school and all the questions "when do you start school?" It seems that they are acting out more and getting time outs more as well... this Mama's patience is running rather thin.

Back to the topic at hand... the toothless wonder is the Princess! She got a loose tooth 4 days before she turned 6 and it decided to take the long route out and didn't fall out until yesterday. We had been trying to coax it out and she was getting more upset that we wanted it to fall out that she decided it would fall out when it wanted and no one could change her mind. So yesterday morning, she came into our bedroom talking about the tooth and what she wanted to do that day. She then left and came running in 2 minutes later with her little tooth in her hand and excitement from her voice that it was finally out by her own hand! At that moment this Mama was so proud!

Here is what she received from 'Twila' the Tooth Fairy...

The printables used are from the following blogs:
1. Certifcate of Record from Toys in the Dryer
2. Tooth Fairy Recipt from The Polka Dot Posie

Here's to more memories made with your family!


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