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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lunch Punch Review and Giveaway!!!--- Extended due to low entries!!!

Hey everyone...

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer! Here we have had so much excitement... new babies on the way (1 made her arrival just after Princess' birthday and the 2nd is coming at the end of August.) We have been spending time together and now with 2 weeks to go before I become a Mama of 2...yes... both Princess and Monkey are going to school this year... [insert sobbing and tears flowing here.]  What is Mama gonna do???
Princess will be entering Grade 1 and attending French Immersion, so we may be making some things for those who would like to learn a second language in September. Monkey is entering Junior Kindergarten. With tears streaming down my face I now confess I don't want them to go back to school. I wish they would stay little forever , I really do!!! I need to turn back the clock to when they were not ready to be independent school attending kids. If anyone else is going through this please comment on how you are dealing with the empty nest for the first time.

In honour of the school year starting, I have been given the opportunity to try out a little product that will definitely make my daughter's lunch more fun. Lunch Punch ® is a product that will help you turn those mundane sandwiches into the fun and surprising lunches.

The Lunch Punch® was developed by a mom to make eating more fun and sandwiches more special. The food cutters are made to create the unique designs in a means where the bread remains recognizable and fun to eat for your family.  It is a means to make the most of the bread and the lunch for your family! 

The Lunch Punch® is FREE from BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead, and is made from FDA certified food-grade plastic. The Lunch Punch® food cutters and its packaging are 100% recyclable. The food cutters are intended to be used by parents or with supervision of children 3+ years of age.
The Lunch Punch® products cater to the everyone, and vary from making your Princess feel the sparkle or making putting the Vroom in your Prince's step!!! They have you covered! There are 5 food cutters to chose from that will put the "Punch" back in your lunches!!!

My Review
The Lunch Punch® are so neat. We had the opportunity to review the Sandwishes® cutter. It came with 4 designs: a frog prince, a princess, a crown and flowers. They have parts that leave imprints rather that cut out all the parts which give the more detailed look to the cutouts. This made the cutouts much more fun to surprise the kids with.
Sandwishes® cutters

 These are awesome and a great way to make lunch fun and leave them wanting more fun at lunch. The punches are wonderful and we wish we could have them all. Sandwiches and wraps are a very big staple in lunched here and these cutters are going to make our life more exciting. 
We used them on sandwiches both cold and hot and found no problems in cutting either. I am going to try them on tortilla wraps and cheese and veggies throughout the school year! It will be the most fun trying to plan the most interesting lunches for 2 kids this year!!!! We love the fact that the cutters come in many themes to suit every child! These are a definite must to add to your tools to make lunch less likely to become a boomerang and return home uneaten!!!

 Flower, Crown and Frog Prince cutters

 Princess cutter (see the impressions that can be made)
Princess Crown and Wand
Frog Prince on his cheese log

a Rafflecopter giveaway
This is the set of Lunch Punch® cutters we are giving away! It is called the Sweet set and includes cutters themed after sweet: bubblegum machine, birthday cake, cupcake and ice cream. They would make great ways to celebrate birthdays!!!

Good Luck on the giveaway!

Thanks to Lunch Punch® for allowing us the chance to review such a cool product!!!


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