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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovable Labels Back To School Review and Giveaway!!!

Well.... where has the summer gone??? It is back to school time for us here in Canada and many of you readers have had your children start school already!!
It just seemed like yesterday I was dreading the thought of what to do with the kids for the summer, and now the summer is coming to an end. Princess B is starting Senior Kindergarten in September and we have lagged in our summer brain activities, even though I spent over $100 on activity books and downloads and organizing activities for her and the Monkey to do this summer. We did have fun ignoring the need to keep out brains from running on empty from lack of knowledge.
Here is a few pictures of the activity we did do that was Fun-educational for the two of them...
We played a Pirate ABC and Sight Word Scavenger Hunt. I gave Princess B a pile of sight word cards and Monkey a pile of ABC cards then used Monkey's birthday gift at Pirate Ship Water Table filled with foam ABCs and Magnetic letters mixed up and had them run from the kitchen with a card to the Pirate Ship and find either the letter on the card for the Monkey or the sight word for Princess. Princess also had to read the word out loud before searching for it and Monkey had to tell me the letter he was looking for (on his card). It was a blast watching them run to search for the information on their cards. They also had buckets to fill with the letter or letters to match their cards. Monkey loved running back and forth with the letter and asking if he had the right letter match. Princess was a little reluctant in reading the word but I assured her that the word would help her read her books when she learned them which made it more fun!

I found some great resources on Pinterest for sight words and learning to read. One of my new favourite sites to visit, and it became handing for family trip to New Brunswick is Education.com. You will find learning resources and games for every age level from babies to high school. We enjoyed the sight word bingo and the games that centred around trains and ladybugs. If you are in need of some fun resources to get your little learner back into the grind, check them out. They are colourful and fun for all ages!

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