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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day!!!!

Well, Father's day is tomorrow and I am honoured to pay homage to my Father and my Hubby, the best Dads in the universe...
I am showing off a wonderful book we received in the mail from Scholastics

Some Dads by Nick Bland (author/ ilustrator), ISBN 978-1-4431-1387-8 POB, 24 pages, Ages 3 to 7, Release May 2012, Scholastics Canada
This is an fun tribute to Dad, just in time for Father's Day! Nick Bland show the roles and joys of Dad in just about every setting. Whether your dad is one who is sporty, likes to worry, or sometimes naughty... Dad is always there and to love you, show his pride and never forgettable. The story tells us in various different ways that Dads are always trying to be Dad no matter what because above all they love us!!! This funny and brilliantly illustrated book was a huge hit with the munchkins! We loved talking about what kind of Dad they have... to which they came to a conclusion he is a funny dad, who always brightens our day! We chuckled as we read and enjoyed this book immensely! It is definitely a book we will be reading and re-reading!
Some dads are loud.

And all dads are proud.
                                                  And you'll never forget which is yours.

Excerpt from "Some Dads" by Nick Bland
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads and Dads-to-be out there, especially my Dad back home in New Brunswick and my hubby... or A1 Daddy (as he is known on my cell... so he is top of the list)!


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