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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mama-Read-To-Me-Mondays #2

Well, it is time for our second instalment on "Mama-To-Me-Mondays" here at AM2CW. This post will feature a wonderfully fun book by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, called "Spork."

Spork by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault, ISBN: 978-1-55337-736-8, $18.95 CAD, Hard Cover Jacket, 32 pages, 2010, Kids Can Press.
This was a book tells the tale of Spork, he is a utensil who's father was a fork and mother was a spoon. Spork was the result of his parents' love, and a little bit of both. The stories tells of Sporks ongoing struggle to fit into the strict life of the cutlery drawer. For one the spoons think Spork is too pointy and the forks think he is to round. And Spork can never seem to find a place at the table for meal time. But one day something changes in the household and it start to get messy. A "thing" begins to sit at the table and the utensils cannot get properly used by "thing." The strict rules of the cutlery drawer becomes a mess because "thing" does not understand table manners. Spork could come into his own with the "thing" because of his multiuses. A tale told with humour and fun outlook on Spork's ordeal. 
This book is geared to ages 3-7 , grades Preschool to 2.
Our Review: Princess found this tale of Spork's strive to fit in very enjoyable, as with each page turn she waited to see if Spork found a place to be "just right." Princess did not like the way Spork was treated by the spoons and forks, and at time throughout the story was saddened by Spork's misfortune of always being left behind while the other cutlery were placed on the table. She light up with jubilation when "Thing" came to the table and Spork's potential and usefulness was realized as he was neither "too round nor too pointy." Upon introducing "thing" to the story, I asked Princess if she knew what "messy thing" could be. All in all this story was great at introducing the idea of tolerance and inclusiveness, as well as individuality. I really enjoyed discussing with Princess why Spork was feeling left out and what made him different from the others. The book was very cute with its illustrations of Spork and the emotions he felt were very well seen in Spork's illustration. It kind of help me look at how I would help Princess realize her potential in individuality. We will be discussing the emotions we feel this week to coincide with our reading of Spork. This is a charming and wonderful book to enjoy this summer.
                       3 Thumbs up from the Munchkins and this Mama!

Disclaimer: We have received this book reviewed above free of charge from Kids Can Press in exchange for our review. There was no monetary gain made from this book review, no money exchanged hands, only a good read. The opinions and point of view expressed here in this review is that of my own and to some extent the Munchkins. Please feel free to make your own choices.
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