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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Princess & Cheeky Monkey's Book Reviews

We have the privilege of being able to review some great new books to review with Princess and Cheeky Monkey. We are so excited to share with you our thoughts on these books, and maybe one of them will make it into your child's library someday.
The books are courtesy of Scholastic Canada. Here are the books we received...after each book's little blurb we have included our review of the book. Princess and Cheeky Monkey have voiced their opinions here along with a Mama with 2 cents worth to share.

Porcupine in a Pine Tree (A Canadian 12 days of Christmas)by Helaine Becker, illustrations by Werner Zimmermann, ISBN-10: 054598663X, ISBN-13: 978-0545986632, North Winds Press, October 2010, Ages: K-2, 32 pages, Hardcover, $16.99
Christmas, as only Canadians can celebrate! Where else do Mounties frolic, squirrels enjoy a fine game of curling, and hockey players mark the season as lords-a-leaping? This hilarious, tongue-in-cheek re-setting of the popular Christmas carol is the perfect gift for Canadians new and old, young and young-at-heart. The "Twelve Days of Christmas" has been turned on its head and a new classic has been born!!!
My Review: Honestly, as soon as I opened the book to begin reading to the kids, I couldn't help but sing as I read. This is a totally fun and beautifully Canadian take on the classic. I enjoyed every minute of reading singing to Princess and Cheeky Monkey. They laughed as I read sang. Then I read to my parents over Skype and it was a hit. I think in my opinion for those Canadian readers out there, you need to have this book as a part of you holiday read. I plan to put together a craft in honour of this book. It truly is purely Canadian in every reference from the curling squirrels to the Mounties snacking and Leafs as the lords-a-leaping. And you too will be singing all the way!!! We have read this several times since receiving it...and look forward to reading singing it again and again...and making it part of our family Christmas tradition. We have been thinking about getting my parents, both curlers and hockey fans, their own copy for Christmas. Mama's favourite book for sure.

It's Christmas, David by David Shannon, ISBN 978-0-545-14311-0 HC, Blue Sky Press, September 2010, Ages 3-7, 32 pages, Hardcover, $19.99
Christmas is coming, and Santa Claus is making his list. David is trying to be good, but hen the house is fills with candy canes, Christmas cookies, and beautifully wrapped gifts, it's very hard to stay put of trouble! "No peeking! Santa's Watching! Be patient! No, David!" From wayward snowballs to sleepless excitement on Christmas Eve, David Shannon perfectly captures the joy and laughter of the holiday season, Readers of all ages will vividly remember trying to peek at hidden gift packages; writing scrolls of wish lists to Santa; and struggling to behave at formal Christmas dinner parties. Always in the background, we know Santa Claus is watching, soon to decide if David deserves a shiny new fire truck or a lump of coal under the tree. From playing with delicate ornaments to standing in an endlessly long line for Santa, here are common Christmas activities--but with David's naughty trimmings. A surefire hit that is destined to be an annual classic.
My Review: This book was a huge hit with the kids and brought back many memories of my Christmases growing up with my parents using these words to keep good behaviour in my brain. Then we discussed the ideas brought forward, being patient and being on your best behaviour (but always). I love this ideas in this book. It was a fun read and the illustrations were so cute. it will remind you of all the things you as a child were told by parents and are telling your children now as the holiday season nears.

Mad at Mommy by Komako Sakai, ISBN 978-0-545-21209-0 HC, Arthur A. Levine, October 2010, Ages 3 - 7, Hardcover, 40 pages, $19.99
Little Bunny is REALLY MAD at mommy. She sleeps too late. She talks too much. She watches her silly grown-up shows instead of cartoons. And she gets mad for no reason--like just a few little soap bubbles on the floor. It''s time for Little Bunny to SPEAK OUT. And time for a hug later on. With the charming illustrations and spot-on understanding of young children''s thinking that distinguished The Snow Day, Komako Sakai brings us a REALLY ANGRY--and ultimately sweet--new story
My Review: This book is very cute to read because I suddenly realized how every parent creates in a child an characteristic of misunderstanding in them of how the day runs. It is teaching them a little about the fact that the world as they know is not always about them but more than that. It created in Princess the fact that she know had a reason to be "mad" at daddy and Mommy. She has said it 
once as well. It is kind of funny how easy it is for children to clue into what things mean.

The Queen's Secret by Frieda Wishinsky, Illustrations by Loufane, ISBN 975-0-545-98685-4,
North Winds Press, October 2010, Ages 3-7, Hardcover, 32 Pages, $16.99
Award-winning picture book author Frieda Wishinsky brings her gift of humour to this adorable
tale of curious young Kay who can''t help but wonder what the Queen might carry in her purse.
Whimsical artwork by Loufane complements and enhances the wit and charm of this royal send-up,
as Kay rhymes off all of the outrageous items that just might be contained in that mysterious purse,
until- oops!- the purse springs open and Kay finds out what''s really inside!

My Review: This was Princess' favourite book we read of all four. She loved trying to figure out 
the Queen's secret as we read too. It was a very special read for us, she even tries to read it herself. She sits down and goes throughout the book pretending to read, making up the story as she turns each page. It is a well written and beautifully illustrated book. I love the idea of creating critical thinking as you try to figure out the secret of the Queen. Princess loved that it involved a Queen. A great read for your little Princess that is for sure. We thoroughly enjoyed the read!

I hope that you will check out these books, at least one of them for you kids this holiday season. Huge thanks to Scholastic Books Canada for the chance to review these books with Princess and Cheeky Monkey. you check out the books on Scholastic's site and see inside each book by scrolling down the page.

Disclaimer: I have received the above books in exchange for a review posting of each one from Scholastic Canada! The opinions expressed here are that of mine and there was no monetary gain on my part.


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