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Friday, October 8, 2010

Oliver's Labels Review & Discount Code

Original Label
by Oliver's labels
I was fortunate enough to receive a product to review from a great little Canadian company, called Oliver's Labels. Oliver's Labels was created out of a need for labelling our lost things, stuffies, sippies, shoes, lunch bags, clothes and just about anything you can possibly imagine your child losing. I received a sample package from Oliver's Labels that included shoe labels, Iron-ons, Stickies and bag tags (large and small versions).
I also opted for the Found-it™ tracking code for all the labels 'cause you just never know, and it is better to be safe than sorry...especially if it is the toy/blanket that is inseparable from your child's grip...and ends up getting misplaced at daycare, mall, park bench or playground.
What is this Found-it™?? Found-it™ is unique 9 digit number to Oliver's Labels, where they offer a FREE option added value to the labels with the Lost and Found tracking system. So simply what happens is that if the item tagged is lost with the tracking code, when it is found the finder will be prompted to go to a special page on the Oliver's Labels website and enter the code. Then an email is sent to you regarding the item and you can be united with it. Oliver's Label will be the intermediary between you and the finder, so your personal information will never need to be shared. I simply love the idea because there are certain items that you can never replace that become lost and the chance of them being back to your child quickly will be great for us ads parents.
Allergy Alert
Safety Wristband
What I really wanted to try out the Iron-on for the strength of the bond. So I went to work and applied them to Princess' jacket. It adhered like you would never imagine....I tried picking it off, scrapping it off and to no avail I could not get it off the jacket. Then I put the sticker on the shoe insole. Princess has been wearing them all summer and they are still there. Overall I love this price points on this product, making this very affordable for parents. I love that it has great designs for kids as well as adults. In you packages of which there are several to choose from, school, sports, camp; you get a taste of all the Oliver's Labels product. Oliver's Labels in my opinion in a great product with lots of uses for your little ones and you. I just wish I had these when I was growing up...they were not so cute. I love that they had allergy alert labels, where you choose the design of the label based on the food allergy, nuts, eggs, gluten, dairy, seafood or just "food allergy".
Shoe tag
I also like that they already have packages put together for you, taking the work out of it for you so that you can get the items quicker. They offer packages, such as Starter, Preschool, Clothing, School & Camp; each with a reasonable price point for you that ranges from $26.99 - 58.99 CAD depending on the number of label sstyles included. The designs available are amazing and categorized into boys, girls, adult, and allergy.
Animal Faces

Oliver's Labels is kind enough to offer the readers of A Mama's Two Cents Worth... a discount code on orders placed with them. So here is the discount code from them: OLIVERSFRIENDS (all one word) and you will get 10% off your order. There is no expiry to this code so you can use it whenever you want to order.
New Photo Stickers!!
 Please take advantage of the chance to get a great product at a discount.
Mini Labels
Large Bag Tag
Thank you very much to Oliver's Labels for the chance to review this product as well for the discount offered to the readers.
Disclaimer: I have not received any monetary compensation for reviewing this product of which I am provided for free; and the point of view expressed here is completely objective.


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