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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the Family Fun Giveaway Winner is..... (plus an upcoming Giveaway Announcement)

Wow....what a great response to the Family Fun Giveaway!!!!
I want to send a big Thank you out to you all for participating.  I did the draw the old fashion way....with the help of the Princess and the Cheeky Monkey of course....aren't they just the cutest little helpers!!!!!!???????

Here's how it went down.....
1. Printed out the entries                     2. Cut them out
3. Folded them & Princess gave them a stir                 4. Then she picked out the winner    

 5. Cheeky Monkey read (ha ha) the winner to Mama.

And the winner is
.............................Sucor (and here is the exact one that was chosen....)
sucor said...

#5 Neat blog! I am a follower. The kids would love A B C bingo. Thanks for the chance to win.




sucor said...

Hi Angela,
I know I thanked you in my email, but I also wanted to do it here. Thank you so very much. This is a very generous giveaway and I know everything will be enjoyed.

The pictures of Princess and Cheeky Monkey helping are so cute! They both look like they took it very seriously!

Thanks again, Su

sucor said...

Hi Angela,
I tried to email you a second time. I will just copy my email to you and post it here as you suggested. (we just got power and internet back tonight after a big storm yesterday. Thank you, Su

Hi Angela,

Wow! I'm thrilled! I know the kids will be too. Thank you so much.
The kids will be all set for summer fun now.

Again, thanks, Su

Su Corrigan
3382 Hendon St.
V2S 4X8