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Saturday, April 10, 2010

'Guess Who' gets Personal!

I just had to give you a fun and fabulous idea that Becki over at Mads Memories has posted on her blog. She took the well known game of 'Guess Who' and gave it a fun and personalized twist...making it her family's own. Becki shows you the steps on how she did it. You really need to check it out and it might be a project for the family to do together and play together this weekend, since it is going to kinda icky here. I hope you enjoy the idea she has. This might be a trip to the Department Store for a quick game pick up for this girl!
See I told you these crafts were not all inclined to need to be a super crafter...just FUN!
Thanks Becki for allowing me to post the finished Game! I hope my readers enjoy this!

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