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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Educents Review: Actual Size Book: Science

Educents approached me with an opportunity to review a great new addition to their daily sales this week. The review was for the Actual Size Books  from SunflowerEducation.net. The Actual Size books are currently part of their National Deals, with a savings of 32% off. From the two versions available from the Visual Learning Books, we chose the Science book. The book is amazing, it cam with 72 different curriculum lessons and plans to bring science to life. I really wish when I was in school that these were around it would have made learning science more fun! I liked the idea of being able to bring this into any current setting in the classroom for even the younger ages because it can actually help you put things into perspective when it comes to different ages. My kids are 3 1/2 and 5 years of age and they were amazed at the size in comparison to themselves. I  really liked that variety of plans available in the book that would be useful to introduce kids to science that is hands-on and 'outside the box' so to speak when it comes to the classroom. If I was a science teacher I would so use these in every unit that I was teaching so that the mundane everyday classroom life would be more than just sitting and being in the classroom. It would be great for group projects where the kids would have to do a presentation on the various plans and draw them out for all to see. It would definitely make science more enjoyable to bring in the big guns like the periodic table and formulas so that they would be able to bring science to life.

With this review opportunity, I had the kids choose the plan that they liked the most out of the ones that would fit in our driveway. They chose the Polar Bear. So off we went with our materials (chalk, plans and measuring tape) outside to draw out our plans for a Actual Size Polar Bear. As I drew out the Polar Bear referring to the specs in the plans, with my daughter calling out the numbers to draw, we drew out our Polar Bear. Don't laugh at my drawing I don't claim to be an artist that is for sure. After we had the Polar Bear on the driveway, we then discussed the habitat it lived in, what it would eat, how it hunted, how it could swim in the icy Arctic Ocean. Also, with Earth Day having just passed and her Kindergarten class discussing recycling, and pollution we talk about what was happening to the Polar Bear's habitat with Earth getting warmer and how this once majestic animal was losing it's home. I also brought in that Polar Bears are a protected specie here in Canada and that they were once hunted almost to extinction and now we are losing them to the melting of the Polar Ice. We really enjoyed creating the plan and will most likely use the Actual Size book as a means to bring learning into their summer. They love using sidewalk chalk, so getting a little education sneaked into their fun is a bonus. It would be fun to take the plans to the Zoo and draw one out at the different exhibits we have here, like the polar bears, and buffalos. What a great way to take learning on the road too!!

our Polar Bear

Kids walking the length of the Polar Bear
to get an idea of its size
Thanks to Educents for the opportunity to introduce the Actual Size Book: Science from SunflowerEducation.net to you. If you are interested in checking it out or picking up a copy should you be a teacher in the traditional school system or homeschool, getting while it is on a special discount over at Educents.
Thank you to Educents 
for the Review Opportunity!

Disclaimer: The opinion in this review is expressing that of the writer of this blog, A Mama's Two Cents Worth..., and it is that an opinion. We received the product reviewed here from Educents and did not make any monetary gain in the process of doing the review. Please use your own power of knowledge to develop your own opinion of the product. 


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