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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spotlight on Crafty: Snappy Tots

This is a new feature on the blog...I am going to be doing mini posts on some of my Favourite Crafty people...
This is the first of many I have planned over the next few weeks.
So let's get to it...

Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful person and pattern designer, Heidi Yates. She is the owner of the shop, Snappy Tots. SnApPy ToTs is where you go when you need to get a feel good crochet or knit pattern. Heidi has been the mastermind such patterns as The Angry Fowls, Mick the One-eyed monster, Moody Bear, and many more. She does more then just your character inspired hats too. Besides being a pattern designer she is a wife and mom, and I still don't know where she finds the time to interact with her customers in there somewhere. I found Heidi on Facebook back in June while searching around... and boy and I glad I did. My first purchase was her Angry Fowl pack of hat patterns.
5 Angry Fowl and 1 pig pattern pack
I emailed her some questions so we could get to know Heidi and Snappy Tots better, and here are her responses to them.

AM2CW: Where did the name Snappy Tots come from?
Heidi: My mom and I came up with the name. I wanted something that was easy to remember, had a fun ring to it and kept my options open. Snappy refers to "looking snappy" and also because a lot of my designs are great for photos. Tots is because I focus mainly on kids. all of these babies that have been photographed will need fun thigns to wear for future photo shoots and everyday too.

AM2CW: Why did you start Snappy Tots?
Moody Bear
Heidi: I had been filling ready made orders for another shop and wanted to be on my own so I could have more control over customer service. I had been selling a few patterns and decided to expand that area because my hands were starting to fill the affects of daily knitting.

AM2CW: What is your most popular pattern?
Heidi: Even though the angry fowl patterns have been a huge favorite, "Maddies Berry Boarder" still wins the race! It is one of those patterns that can be used year round, for all ages, boys and girls.

AM2CW: What makes Snappy Tots unique?
Heidi: I would hope its customer service. With snappy tots its not about "fans" or "customers", but personal connections that will last. I am extremely thankful for the support I receive in my shop as well as my personal life.

AM2CW: Where would you like to see Snappy Tots go in the next few years?
Heidi: I would like to see "beanies for bravery" grow and snappy tots helps make that possible. I also would LOVE to have an annual "snappyfest" and bring everyone together for a fun event. MANY exciting things are in the works for this spring.

AM2CW: Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have a muse?
Heidi: I have a few actually. My mom is my biggest inspiration. she is one of the most creative and multi-talented people you will ever meet. I LOVE Mary Englebreit and would love to live in one of her books (or in an episode of "Gilmore Girls"). My kids are my driving force (Nicolas 22, Hillary 19, Hayden 5).

AM2CW: Can you describe Snappy Tots in 5 words or less?
Heidi: Trendy patterns for photoshoots & everyday (five words and a symbol lol)
AM2CW: Also tell me when you started crocheting/knitting, who taught you or self-taught??
Heidi: I learned to crochet and knit from my mom and then continued to learn from videos online.

AM2CW: Fave patterns to make?
Heidi: To make: Maddies Berry boarder hat, Cotton Flapper, Orchid Fields, 
How they turned out: Miss Patoola Berrymore, Cozy Tosies (I love every single pair of these), Barcode the zebra cocoon
Barcode the Zebra Cocoon

Any other things you wanna include the floor is all yours... (Heidi) My goal for this year is to give back to snappy friends and others in as many ways as I can. I am always looking for better ways to support our friends in their business and life. 

Miss Patoola

Heidi also mentioned Beanies for Bravery. I wanted to give you lovely readers a little insight into what BFB is. Most of the information can be found on the SnApPy ToTs blog and Heidi will be updating it in March. BFB is a way to give back to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us every day. Last year, Heidi put out a call to all crocheters and knitters to help her reach a goal of 200 beanies to be sent off to Afghanistan...and by the time she shipped her first batch she had almost doubled that at 392! On her blog there is a FREE pattern that works up very quickly, along with the specifications to sizes and colours and her mailing address if any of you are interested. And if you aren't a crafty crocheter or knitter, she accepts letters of encouragement to accompany the BFB to their recipients.  Also, Heidi is looking to expand the BFB to the families and children of the wounded warriors in the future work with BFB. Please if you can do it, if you have children teach them to give back to those who are away from their families and children with a letter, a picture anything to let them know that we support the work of our troops, maybe even get your children's class or school involved... don't we all like receiving mail. I know that with snail mail tending to be going the way of the dinosaur... I still like getting special mail from family and friends. Check out the Beanies for Bravery posting on the Snappy Tots blog, under the tab "Support out Troops".

Also on the Snappy Tots blog you will find lots of other great posts, and even Freebies and videos.

I hope you will check out Snappy Tot whether it be her blog, her shop or her Facebook fan page, and if you do tell her I sent you!
Thanks for reading and check back to read about my next Spotlight on Crafty coming very soon!

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