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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lovable Labels Holiday Giveaway Winner and What's been goin' on here!

Hi Everyone....
Well,  it is a busy one around my home as we ready for the big guy in red to make a stop here. I don't know about anyone else's house but my little ones are not heeding the warnings of ending up in the "Naughty" list for their behaviour...it seems that Princess B has grown into an attitude full of sass back, while Monkey has become a somewhat of a copycat. Even our elf, Little Gene, watching over them doesn't hinder their performance. One night about a week ago, I was trying to get the tree branches opened up so I could decorate, which took 4 days by the way to do, and the kids we very silent in the family room with Treehouse on. Mommy thinking Monkey fell asleep and Princess was watching Dora...when Mr. came in and walked into the family room to find the two of them behind the sofa playing in the decorative sand that was up on the mantel. Well it was EVERYwhere... let's just say time out was handed out to them, and privileges revoked for both for 24 hours of being able to watch their favourite Treehouse program. All under Little Genes watchful eye...the next morning he remained in his hiding spot to our dismay...and I later found out he was touched...losing his ability to report to Santa for 24 hrs...very upsetting to the kids and Princess apologized to Little Gene on their behalf. The following morning they woke to a letter from Little Gene telling them Santa was watching  and how important it was to behave.
Little Gene's first night the toys held a good ole fashion
maritime kitchen party for him, look at all who came.

He brought the kids new Christmas books

I have been busy with orders in the shop for hats as well as the kids have both been sick and the Mr. had a really bad case of the "pink-eye" (so bad he tool off a week of work and it affected both eyes)... Now working on Christmas gifts for teachers and family...due to cost of shipping we went with gift card this year.... Also I got a new niece for Christmas too...my baby sister had her baby 11 days overdue. Miss Eleanor Marie-Helene, or "Elea", arrived on December 8th, weighing in at 9 lb. 2 oz. (their first babe).

Before I forget and ramble on here is the name of the winner of the Lovable Labels Giveaway as picked by random.org...#1

and #1 is Ms. Cindy Keery

Cindy, congratulations on being chosen and I will be emailing you shortly to let you know please reply with 24 hours so I can get you in touch with the wonderful people over at Lovable Labels.

Thank you to Lovable Labels for the giveaway!

P.S. I will be taking a break until the new year to enjoy family, will be back with loads of book reviews and a couple fun tutorials and crafts for you all plus some learning printables for you too.

Please have a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate! Have a safe and healthy 2012! I really wanna thank you all for reading my little blog and hope you will continue to do so in the new year!

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