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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where has September gone???

Hello Everyone!
I want to first off apologize for my lack of posting as of late... September has flown by without me even realizing it!!!! Wow, this past few weeks have been emotional and overwhelming. Our family is getting into the school mode with Princess B and Monkey is having a hard time understanding that she goes away and always comes back. Princess B has been a really hard to figure out for Mr. Man and I as of late, if she hears him leaving for work in the morning she has a massive attachment attack with crying screaming and stalling. one morning it took Mr. Man almost 30 minutes to get out the door with her clinging to his leg like static. With me it has been even more extreme. It seems she is having some type of separation anxiety. I cannot leave the house to get some "me" time without her running screaming and crying into the garage. One night I was in my truck getting ready to put it in reverse when I heard her screaming over the radio and vehicle running and the door to garage closed.... Can you say STRESSFUL. it has recently started to change the clinging and outbursts are starting to simmer down. The other night she and I were heading to "meet the teacher" night at her school and Mr. Man began mocking her, clinging and crying and begging and stalling her. And then I discussed it with her and she seems to have come to an understanding that it is not the way to behave. Monkey is the calm cool kinda boy...you give him Thomas, Lightning McQueen or even a Max and Ruby episode and he says not one word except to tell you it is over. It helps when I need to get food prepared or run on the treadmill.
Other than the family's adjustment to school, Princess is also taking dance and talk about the speed night for cooking....we only have 2 hours to get fed and dressed and out the door. I don't know about any one else but Princess takes almost 1 hour just to eat half of her meal...she has an excuse for every reason to get down from the table...
I introduced a Responsibilty Chart to her on Monday, I went to Michaels and purchased the Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart to get her into the mode of be a "big girl" as she so clearly calls herself. We hung it in the kitchen near the dining area, she is able to see the spots that are empty and ask what she has left to fill in.
Her responsibilities are both activities around the home and character building. I gave her make her bed, get dressed, brush teeth, clean room, put away toys, do homework (yes, they received homework this week in JK!), put clothes in the laundry basket, take a bath/shower, get ready for bed; then sharing, keeping hands to self, saying please and thank you, showing respect and no whining (my favourite). She must fill her day with the happy faces. She chose a goal for the end of the week to be awarded if all  days are filled (80%). The rewards are endless from playing a game on my iPhone (this weeks reward goal), day out with mom or dad, special treat, trip to the mall for a mango slush,  and many more. These will be written on paper for her to chose in the next week along with a few wild cards and stockpile rewards- monetary possibly. It is day 2 of the program and she has been doing great, I know it will only get better.

What else have I been up to???
I have been getting my crochet on...I started my own shop on Facebook, Little PINK thread.
I have been helping out Heidi at Snappy Tots in her call for beanies to fulfill her Beanies for Bravery. I just finished 5 beanies and sent them off to her. Her goal is 200 beanies to be sent to the soldiers in Afghanistan. If you can help please head over get the free pattern she has posted and crochet or knit away...her deadline right now is post marked packages by October 1st, but if yours doesn't get there in time she will be doing another event again very soon.
Stop by the shop on Facebook and check it out..."LIKE" Little PINk thread if you want to, one can never have to many friends.
Here are a few projects I have been working on for the shop:
Berry Boarder Hat
(Snappy Tots pattern)

Monkey hat
(RAKJ Patterns pattern)

Koala Hat
(Crochet My Love Designs pattern)
2 of the Angry Fowl hat
(Snappy Tots pattern)
Piggy Hat and Rump Cover
(Crochet My Love Designs pattern)
Munching Caterpillar Hand Puppet
(Snappy Tots pattern)
Sock Monkey hat
(Crazy Socks Crochet pattern)
Canadian Sock Monkey Hat
and Cocoon set (Snappy Tot pattern)
Adult Cable Twist Newsboy hat
(Rebecca Ann Designs Pattern)

Most of theses and many more are available on my page, should you be interested contact me there. I am really enjoying working up the patterns more for fun and relaxation...a little "me" time. Mr. Man however doesn't like the yarn bills that are coming in though ;)

Hope you all have a great day!

P.S. if you have kept reading, stay tuned I will be posting giveaway Friday!!! I also have a few reviews to write up for you too!


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