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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Art Smock in a pinch tutorial

This is a tutorial for an "Art Smock in a pinch." 
Monkey and Princess were going to do some painting the other day and when I realized that Princess had a smock but Monkey didn't, it left me wondering how I would be able to save his clothes from the paint. He's 2 after all and tends to wipe his hands on his clothes when they get dirty.  So after going through my craft stash, I found the leftover plastic tablecloth and thought...I can make a smock out of this that can be permanent or disposable. Here is my tutorial for the "Art Smock in a Pinch":
1. take a plastic table cloth like the ones you get at the dollar store for birthday parties for $1.00
2. Cut a length off of it that will cover you child's clothing...I made mine longer for Monkey to be sure all of his clothes were covered.
3. fold in half then cut out a "J" in the folded side corner
4. unfold the tablecloth then put over your child's head
5. cut a seam in the back if it is too big so you can tie it closer
6. have child hold arms out to the sides then cut little snips in the smock so you can tie it to keep it fit to the arms.
7. optional: you can also cut more snips in the sides to tie together for a better fit.
Sorry it's blurry, Monkey wouldn't stay still
Ta-Da! There you have a Smock -in-a-pinch!
Princess' smock from IKEA,  Monkey's made in a pinch! 
When your child finished you can keep it of throw it away...good for parties when you don't want party goers to get covered in any craft scraps/ liquids.

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