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Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Touching Base

Just touching base with all my readers, I am so sorry for not having posted anything for over a week and a half. It is a busy time here. My baby sister's wedding prep is in full swing. The wedding happens in four days so we have been busy.
The family made the 16+ hour drive Form Ontario to New Brunswick in one piece. I can't say enough about how much the portable DVD player has saved our sanity on this trip. Gotta love the fact that the kiddies were able to enjoy their movies and see the sights. We I did get my fair share of Thomas the Tank Engine though...Monkey's fave. We have enjoyed our trip so far but it has gotta stop raining...I mean really stop! The kids have been stuck inside for a little over 4 days and enough is enough. Grampie did manage to take them out for a rain boot puddle jumping activity...enjoyed by all while going on but as soon as it was over Princess said it wasn't any fun because she was wet. They splashed and enjoyed the rain water drips on their coats from the edge of the house.  Then they enjoyed a nice warm bath and some toast before bed.
I have to thank my mom she has been my saving grace with kids. The first night we struggled with Monkey's bedtime. Since the second night, Nana (as we know her) has been bathing the kids then giving them a snack, and Princess is in bed by 8pm and Monkey goes in their room and one of us sits on the floor by the door and waits for him to fall asleep....which has gone from taking 20 minutes to 5-7 minutes. This gives me much needed relaxation time and wedding prep time.
Gotta love the experience of grandparents!!!!

I have a tutorial coming up soon for my baby sis' wedding invite!!
Ciao for now,

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