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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some FUN-ucational ideas...

Hi everyone... I hope you all are enjoying the Blog-versary giveaways and are entering them all so you get a chance to win some great items. There are a few more coming up next week as we come to a close for the celebrations, so come back and check them out.

Today, I just wanted to show you some little things I have been working on lately. The family will be going back East in May for my baby sis's wedding...we will be staying for almost an entire month!!!! So we will be driving down and the thought of spending 16 hours or more with the kids in their car seats I have been trying yo come up with things for them to do to keep them from getting cranky and sick of being strapped in outside of the stops and refuelling. We have our portable DVD player which is always handy but who wants to watch movies for 16 hours...not me. So I thought of some FUN-udcational things they could do.
Monkey has become quite the little learner lately. Taking after Princess during her homeschooling periods. I had some shape and colour lapbooks I created out of inspiration from wonderful sites out there. And after showing him a couple of times he was able to correctly match them all.
I have been like a pack-rat every time I go to the local home reno stores, gathering paint chips left and right...doesn't feel like stealing to you??? I know I always feel like I am stealing but when Mr. Man asks what I am going to do with my paint chip stash,  I always reply "make stuff, of course." So I used the Snail Trail tutorial for creating word families and made up our version. I actually added more word families, while I was working on them so we could discuss them as Princess learns the primary ones first (-at, -og,-it,-an,-ox, -un, etc).  Then I had some of the Disney Behr ones from HD, and was wondering what to do with them other than create a matching colour game.. and came up with this....
One from Monkey and One for Princess, of course to cut down on squabbles. 
 So I took the paint chip and removed the shapes off the top (did you know they most were easily peeled off (you'll see why I say most)

 here it is peeled off

 see why I said most...black was the very difficult to peel off, had to take scissors and trim around to clean it up
 Ta-da!!! All peeled off
Then Ijust glued them around a piece of card stock, laminated the card stock and the second set of matching, picked up pack of hook and loops at the dollar store and stuck on top of the laminated version and back of the second set and it is good to go. 
 Finished Colour Matching Travel Game!

So I say "ha-ha" to Mr. Man who didn't think I would every use the paint chip stash for anything!
Other Paint Chip things in the works:
shape paint chip matching travel game
paint chip matchbooks and journals

Monkey's Easter Egg Matching colour Game (using paint chips and colourful plastic easter eggs) he
                                                                         matches the egg colour to the paint chip colour.
Easter Bunny Garland (an idea I got from a blog but cannot find the link to give it too you, if you know it can you put it in the comments. Sorry to the blogger, I usually bookmark these). [Pics to follow]

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Ciao for now,

1 comment:

Jayna Rae said...

I am totally copying this. My friend is having a Mickey & Minnie party for her twins next weekend. Wouldn't this be a great gift for three year olds?