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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter themed Game and Printable

Hi everyone,
Well, I finally did it...I came up with a game and printable for Princess all on my own. Now I want to pass it on to you.

Game: Easter Egg Counting
Goal: match the number of items counted, stored inside the easter eggs, to the correct number card
Materials needed:

  • Colourful eggs (kind you can open and put candy in)
  • Pompoms (I picked mine at Dollarama- dollar store here in Canada), you could use anything that they can count (age-appropriate of course)
  • Download, Print, Cut out and Laminate the Cards I created
Download the number cards either image below...

Here are pictures of Princess playing today
Showing what is inside
Counting her find--- 7 yellow pompoms

Another egg---- 4 white pompoms 
Green egg of 4 pompoms on #4 card
(#7 egg gone---Monkey took off with it
had to chase him down after the Princess
settled and I convinced her to choose another egg)

This was a hit and I am thinking that I may do a reverse counting game, with eggs filled with numbers and Princess will have to count the pompoms and match the card....maybe another printable by Monday or two....now need to think of something for Monkey to do... maybe shape matching with the eggs...He has come to love shape matching games and colour games....hmmmmm, maybe more than 1 or 2 new printables.

I hope your little one enjoys...Princess did that's for sure!!!

NB: I made mine up with scrap paper I had and markers, for a quick game. fancied them up for you with a Printable.

On a side note, Princess is really getting big and Monkey....well, here he is...
"Cheeeez Mamma" then this is the smile I get
I am surprised 'cause usually it is involving
his tongue sticking out. Like his crooked hair cut....
that is another story...let's just say
Mama cried for 10 minutes at the sight after Daddy
took the shears to the bangs....a trim is all I wanted.
Not to mention Monkey never sits still for us.
But its only hair and it is growing fast, he's the ring bearer
in my baby sis' wedding this May.
We received out invites to the wedding today and I will share them and her tutorial with you as we get closer to the Wedding...we (she and I will have lots of tutes for you). Stay tuned!

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Ciao for now,


phasejumper said...

Great activities. I do a lot of paper and marker games, too. (some of which never make the blog!)

That's not so bad-I completely butchered my baby's hair the first time I tried to cut it! He's such a cutie!

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Very cute game!! At least your son didnt cut his own hair...we've had a problem with that around here lately!

sarah said...

we have been working on numbers and this is perfect but, i too, can see the boy theif and princess wails scenario playing out here. it is bound to happen!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Stopping by from Show & Tell!

They are both adorable. Hair cut is not bad. He is too cute to notice the hair!

Thanks for sharing your printables. It is appreciated.


Unknown said...

Love that counting game with eggs. Simple but effective.

Care to join us with your ideas in our weekly linky from time to time? We would love to have you participate!

Link is: http://best-toys-for-toddler.blogspot.com/