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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alien Invitation Tutorial- Update---Found the SD card!!!

I have been meaning to post this tutorial for months now and some how kept forgetting to so here it is...
Alien Invitation
First, I created the shape of the alien in Picnik and came up with the cupcake collar you see below. If you are interested in this download, leave a comment below with your email and I will email it to you.

Alien Cupcake collar
I had planned to use this cupcake collar instead of doing all the decorating of the cupcakes but changed my mind. Sorry for the lack of pictures I lost my SD card I had stored them on...if I find it I will fill them in.
So I printed out the collar onto card stock and then cut it out with a knife and traced it, in pencil, onto lime green card stock, I purchased at Michael's. Then erased the pencil marks.

Placement of eyes and mouth, no antennae

I dug out my Cricut and cut an oval 4-5" in diameter  on the green card stock and using my bone folder I folded it in half. This created the mouth.
oval w/ folded crease there barely

mouth on
Eyes on

     The eyes came from the Cricut as well...3 white circles of 3/4" in size and 3- 1/4" black circles for the pupils.

The purple strip was drawn freehand on purple card stock and cut out. 
purple neck rim
All get glued on to the alien base. once dry I wrote the invite information.

It says...
"Ooohhh....She's 3!
Come celebrate with her family, friends and toys
Sunday, August 8th
From 4-6 pm
RSVP by August 6th"

I had wrote this but you could have easily printed on the green card stock and cut it on the Cricut using the centering feature....I am still working on this feature on my Cricut (not able to find out the answer to my question as to whether you do each cutout centered shape with text or if if you do it once it will repeat it?)

There you have it 
The Alien Invitation

Sorry for the lack of pictures....I have been tearing my house upside down trying to find the SD card.
abc button
Ciao for now,

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