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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry for being away...I have had quite a week....AND a Giveaway!!!!

Hi everyone! I want to thank you for following AM2CW blog and I want you to know how much I appreciate all of that have stuck around and kept reading.
You can skip the trials and tribulations that I faced and get to the giveaway down below if you want.
My Last week or two:
  I have had a horrible last week (or should I say two weeks)...let me tell you.  First, Monkey got an infection and we spent two Sundays ago in the ER with him. He had to have a catheter to get urine samples and a bag to catch it too. Then we found out he had a bacterial infection in his ureter. So this meant a Rx of 3-5 baths (his poor skin wouldn't be dry after this would it?) and a cream for the area. And if that did make his start to 2011 seem to be off on the wrong foot then on Friday morning at exactly 2:22am it all began. Monkey awoke and being a tired mama I put him in bed with me to only have him seem unusually uncomfortable. Suddenly I found out why...it struck first with vomiting...and it was everywhere and anywhere you could imagine for the next 6 hours. While we were dealing with the issue coming up with Monkey, we began having to deal with the issue being brought out at the other end.  What a Friday this turned out to be, we again made a trip to the ER for Monkey because his temperature jumped in 15 minutes from 98.9 degrees Celsius to 102.5 degrees C...scared and worried we head to the ER, especially with the flu epidemic that has been circulating in the Greater Toronto Area as of late.
  And also if all of this happening to Monkey wasn't enough, he developed the worst diaper rash I had ever seen in my life it literally came on very quick and he cried screamed in terror every time he saw me dig out the change pad. He was getting so tired of it all, he began immediately telling me when he pooped so it didn't sit against his backside for long.
  I had such great plans to start my attempt at potty training him too in February but that is going to be postponed now until March, I think after this week.  He did get a cream for the rash, but as for the viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu) just keep him hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes. So that was our Friday, and when we went to bed  that night, vomiting had stopped and diarrhea continued...
In the morning, I could barely make it out of bed myself, aches and pains consumed my body. I could not do anything, so I ended up grabbing Monkey and sleep the afternoon away. Sunday, I felt queasy but better and Monkey was still dealing with the output on his end. But that evening our household had a big upset when Princess, after spending the day with Daddy and no sign of the forthcoming of any illness began with the same manner as Monkey. We had two kiddies out of the norm, facing the the biggest slow down in their lives so far.
   Now Wednesday evening, Monkey has started to return to his cheery and joking self. But Princess has been facing the fear that if she eats again she will start vomiting all over again. She actually told me this morning that she "never wants to eat again." She has slept the day away and complained of a sore neck from her strange sleeping/sitting position while relaxing and watching Treehouse (Canadian children's channel), TVO and Playhouse Disney while her brother regained his energy level. At one point, Monkey even taunted Princess by playing with her prized dollhouse (Christmas gift from Santa) and would go an tell her what he was up to.

The Giveaway
I had such great plans to giveaway 2 of my Banners for Valentine's Day and still do but the giveaway will only last for three days....To be drawn on Sunday.
Prizes: 1 of 2 banners themed for Valentine's Day, and the ribbon to tie it together.
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I <3 You banner- forgot
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**Please leave a separate comment for each.

Good Luck!
Draw Date: Sunday, February 6th 11:59 pm EST
They are ready to be shipped as soon as the winners are announced!

Ciao for Now,


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Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

Wow! i haven't dealt with anything this bad since last easter. My little boy wasn't even one and became lethargic. He had a 104 F feaver the whole day and they still wouldn't admit him with the same symptoms as yours :(
I do follow though.

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