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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Days to Christmas!!!

Well, everyone its only 10 days 'til Christmas is here...where has the time gone??? I have been super busy, making gifts, shopping, cooking and homeschooling. Princess and Cheeky Monkey helped decorate the tree, although Monkey has undecorated it at least twice to four times daily. He loves to take the ornaments off the tree along with one of the stuffed animals that has come off and remained off... but it's all good! I am super excited for them this year as it is a time for memories. We will be spending Christmas morning Skypeing with the grandparents in New Brunswick (Canada). All of the family will gather at my parents, except for us. I will be spending the next few days finishing up my gifts and shopping. (Note to self: start earlier when making gifts next year...time flies faster than you think.)
I wish we could be with the family on the East Coast, but next year I promise. Speaking of the East Coast, what a Christmas they are having...+15 degrees and rain. My mom called to tell me about the river flowing through my hometown and the flooding,of roads, school closings and basements filled with water. Approximately 105.3 mm as of Monday evening in the Fredericton areas...loads of roads closed throughout the province, possibly 94 (my mom said) in total. St. Stephen, NB received 173 mm as of December 12th...unreal! Moncton expecting more rain tonight. I look out my window and think that usually that has been our weather forecast, but here in the Toronto area we have snow on the ground (not typical) and -9 plus windchill registering up to -21 in the last few days....BRRRRRrrrrr!!!! We have been staying put because of this chill snap.
This is a picture in front of my parents house,
my mom told me this morning it looked like this at 10 am
and by 11:30 the water covered the road. Photo courtesy
of Diane McNutt Flynn

View of the Miramichi River from the Hwy 8 bridge,
looking up the river at the Walking /Train bridge. The object in the centre
of the picture is the abutment from the old bridge, removed many years ago.
Photo courtesy of Diane McNutt Flynn
I guess they residence will be hoping for a white Christmas, rather than a wet Christmas this year. I am sending out my prayers and thoughts to all my fellow Doaktowners, Storeytowners and Frederictonians & New Brunswickers, as you all deal with such a horrendous weather event.
May Christmas be Merry and Dry!

Happy Holidays!

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