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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy All Saints Day!

I hope that your BOO Day was filled with lots of treating and little tricking, except if it was a fun trick. We had a great evening here in Ontario, but very COLD and WINDY!!! It was Princess' 1st real Halloween where she understood that the idea of trick and treating and CANDY!
Cheeky Monkey on the other hand was not shaken by it  at all....other than the masks and the displays in the stores.  We headed out after putting out our pumpkins and went to the neighbour (first house) and then Princess wanted to go back home to trick or treat (better treats at our house guess we give out what she likes). Cheeky Monkey saw Daddy and wanted to stay home from that moment on...
Princess and I headed out, with the wagon in tow, on to the next homes.
A Little Background on the Costume:
Princess dressed as her favourite character, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl from Toy Story 3. She is absolutely obsessed with Jessie, she has 2 dolls and sings the song from the 2nd movie, "When Somebody Loves Me" many times throughout her day as she dances with Jessie 'pull string' or little Jessie. So it was a no brainer when I asked her what she wanted to be...I knew the answer.  I had planned to make the costume but decided that time didn't permit this with Cheeky Monkey around and Mr. Man working tirelessly the past few weeks. So off to the big box store to hunt down a Jessie costume for a 3 year old, which they do not make so we opted for the 4-6 size and made adjustments that would allow her to keep it for many years to use as a prop in her "tickle trunk" (I grew up with Mr. Dressup so I can say this.)

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl

LumberJack HandyMan
Much better!!!!
So Serious...on Halloween,
guess Daddy got her on a thought moment,
about Candy!!
Over the week, Mr. Man and I worked on making her a red yarn wig to match Jessie's... a whole ball of red yarn later and 2 wigs created (first one saved for a future prop...too short to braid) and we have a wig.  I will  tutorial you on how to create a yarn wig later this week...I promise.

Back to the night, we trucked our way from house to house, it had gotten so windy that Princess' hat blew off 5 times so we just kept it in the wagon 'til she went to the doors. I had brought a blanket just in case, and wrapped it around Princess to keep the wind off of her...but her nose and cheeks were pretty red by the end of the night, and her bag was pretty full of treats and more treats. (I will be putting it out of sight and granting her one a day as a reward for her work in homeschool and helping around the house). All in all we had a great evening and finished it off with a warm shower, milk and a Skype talk with Grampie and Nana.

Today is a day in which I will honour the newest Saint,  as a proud Canadian and a Christian.  Saint Andre Bessette, canonized in October...he was a Miracle worker of Montreal. It is nice to realize a true worker of God and honour his memory and fortitude for the Lord in such a beautiful tribute as making him a Saint.

Here's to all of you and enjoy a piece of candy or two for me.

Have a nice day!

I linked up over at Love Stitched Halloween Costume Contest!


sucor said...

Cute photos of "Princess" and "Cheeky Monkey" in their costumes! They are adorable!

Mandy said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comment. my little girl was jessie for halloween too! your little ones look adorable!