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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do you smell something? "That Stinks!- But the Arm and Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin Doesn't!"

How much do you dream of having someone else clean your house???? I know that I do daily if not hourly when it comes  to tripping over the toys on the way out of the family room.... or when i have to clean the bathroom... How would you like to smell better air when it comes to the air that surrounds your child's diaper????
Well do I have a solution for you....wanna know what it is?

Munchkin® has come out with a new diaper pail, when they paired with Arm & Hammer™, that doesn't "stink!" They are giving parents an opportunity to win a year's worth of housecleaning sessions, just by entering their contest and telling them what "stinks" to you. The contest is running on their Facebook page, from October 1 to December 1. They know how much "Cleaning Stinks!- But the Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin® doesn't!" and want to give you a chance at winning a clean smelling home for a year.

So, how do you get entered???
Well, it is pretty easy all you gotta do is go to their Facebook page and "Fresh Fridays" giveaway by telling them a light-hearted tale of what you happened to you that makes you think "that stinks!" and if you are chosen Munchkin® will help you solve your problem AND provide you with a Diaper Pail as well. A new contest was introduced on their Facebook page, which is the "A Pail A Day" Giveaway where they pick the best stinky tale for the day and give the winner a Diaper Pail.
So there is 2 chances to be a WINNER!!!
Here's an example of their "Fresh Fridays" way to win: let's say the winner has received a parking ticket while dropping her kids off at school, they will help pay the ticket and give them a Diaper Pail. now how is that for a "Fresh" way to start you weekend and a great way to get over a "stinky" week.  

So my suggestion is to hop on over to the Munchkin® Facebook page and check out their "Fresh Fridays" contest for you chance to win the years worth of housecleaning and "A Pail A Day" contest where they are giving away a Diaper Pail every day!!! All just by entering your stinky tales that has made your day smell!

Munchkin® is  very excited to launch this contest with the recent news that moms prefer the Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail 2-to-1 over the Diaper Genie® II by Playtex. This is great news because we received the Graco Diaper Pail as a gift when Princess was born, and it has now become such a stinky thing that no matter how often you change the carbon filter and the bag of diapers you can't open the the top to put a diaper in without coughing and gagging. We have now set it in the basement and no longer use it because the smell as imbedded itself into the plastic of the diaper pail. I am pleased to have the chance to pass on the wonderful news that the Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin® "doesn't"  stink!!! I am a big supporter of the thought of no longer having the smell of stinky diapers throughout my house, without having to run to the trash after every change of my little one's bum. The bag seals as soon as you close the cover, and it self-sprinkles baking soda over the diapers upon this closer as well (I love this idea 'cause I use to sprinkle tea tree oil and lavender into the bottom of the disposer but it just never got rid of the stinky-ness it released. I really love hearing the idea that it locks because curious babies love to explore their surroundings especially something they see mommy or daddy doing every day several times, I know Cheeky Monkey was game for the open/ closed idea of the diaper disposer.

Also here is a link to the "That Stinks- But the Arm & Hammer Diaper Pails Doesn't!" Campaign rules & regulations for you to read. 
I hope that you will check out their Facebook page contest and post your tale "That Stinks!" to have a chance to win "housecleaning sessions" for a year and the "Fresh Fridays" and their "A Pail A Day" giveaways. I know I will be posting my stinky story to their page.
Disclaimer: I will be receiving the above mentioned  product in exchange for this post, Thanks to  Munchkin® and Arm & Hammer! I did not receive any monetary compensation from Munchkin® or Arm & Hammer for this blog posting. The post above is my completely honest opinion  and may differ from that of  yours. 

1 comment:

Tania QT said...

With one still in diapers, I need one of those ASAP!