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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bebe Au Lait Hooded Towel Review

This is how it arrived
I received a big package from Bebe Au Lait this past week to review. When I opened the package, inside was a hooded towel for us to review. So I quickly washed up the towel as per the instructions on the label, and dried it in the dryer. I was astonished at the luxurious thickness of the towel prior to washing but once it came out of the dryer it was even more plush. So I proceeded to put the kiddies into the shower. I was totally surprised that the towel soaked up the water of their bodies and still be fairly dry.  The design I chose was the Mint Chocolate to be more unisex, got a Princess and a Cheeky Monkey. The base towel was white and the trim was a mint and chocolate damask printed fabric. The hooded portion of the towel was doubled  and great for the wet hair. I am still in awe of the drying it did and till remained dry to touch almost like it sucked up the moisture. I love that because a lot of the time you get towels that just bead the water and don't dry you off just push around the water and you are left feeling damp, this for me is uncomfortable so just imagine a small child...thankfully the Bebe Au Lait hooded towel doesn't do this. I will definitely be recommending this product to my family and friends with children. My only wish is for the colour of  the towel bases was not white, need a bit more colour in their to go with the beautiful fabric trimmings, plus white is so hard to keep (for me any way, a coloured sock sometimes sneaks into the laundry).

Mint Chocolate

Here is the exact product I tested and a little detail about the company and it's hooded towel as well as all the other products they have. Most of us are familiar with the Hooter Hiders, Nursing covers and bibs from Bebe Au Lait.  Well, I want to introduce you to their Hooded Towel.
The hooded towel averages around $40.00 and is 100% cotton and machine washable. It's size is generous enough for a 38 month (Princess is small for her age) but is size 0-24 months.

Thanks to Bebe Au Lait for the opportunity to tell you about their Hooded Towel line and for keeping my kiddies comfortable as we transition from the shower or tub into clothes.
Check out their website for more designs in their hooded towels and their other products available for our little ones.


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