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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dapple® Baby Review

Dapple® Green. Clean. Baby-Safe.

Dapple Baby sent me a bottle of their Baby Safe Dish Liquid and Toy Cleaner Wipes (travel size) to review. you all may just be wondering, who is Dapple® Baby????
Here is a little bit about them....
Developed by to moms, Tamar Rosenthal & Dana Rubinstein,who found that there was a need for more specific "baby-friendly" products, centring around the baby bottles, sippies and dishes/ utensils. So they came up with the dish soap that overcame the limitations of the garden store variety brands had left behind creating a feeling of exactly what you want from your dish soap, CLEAN not milk film, soapy residue or fragrance. And if you look the dish soap is CLEAR....nothing to hide behind here. Today, Dapple offers a full line of cleaners tailor-made for households with young children – including our flagship products, Dapple Dish Liquid and Dapple Dishwasher Powder, and the just-introduced Dapple Toy Cleaner, now available in spray and wipes. All Dapple products use natural-based ingredients that are environmentally-safe, biodegradable, and free of parabens, SLES, and phthalates, as well as synthetic dyes or fragrances.
PRODUCTS AVAILABLE in the Dapple® lines include: dish soap, laundry soap, dishwasher powder, toy cleaner spray, Toy / Surface wipes, and a Kit of Cleaning supplies.
My Review:
The Dapple® dish liquid was specifically geared to baby bottles. It had a low lather, which at first kind of freaked me out and I began using a little more than I need to. I judge cleanliness by the amount of lather, bubbles. But it was a little harder to rinse all the bubbles off the bottles. I loved the light scent of lavender in the soap. It made the bottles squeeky clean and there was little milk left on the bottles and nipples. I thought this was a great thing because I hated the fact that sometimes the bottles smelled like spoiled milk no matter how long you soaked them. And even those bottles that got left in a hot vehicle, spoiled milk smell and crud (yes that is a technical term for it) came out.
Dapple® Toy Cleaner Travel Wipes worked great and very convenient, fit into my purse and didn't even notice them.  I used it on just about everything, particularly the shopping cart handles (shuddering here as I think about what could be living there).  I know lately with the teething thing going on with Cheeky Monkey, his mouth has had the tendency to be attracted to this thing (double shudder).  So a good wipe down with the Wipe and I was good to go. I also made use of it in the restaurants when they bring over the highchairs (shuddering again), have you ever really seen a wait staff clean one of them other than giving it a shake as they bring it to your table???? I made great use of it on Cheeky Monkey's toys too....that drop and mommy picks it up is another favourite of his. Dapple® Toy Cleaner Wipes made of green and natural forms of 
ingredients such as baking soda, so it is helpful to the environment at the same time. I like the fact that you can wipe and give it back to the kids...especially when you are in the busy atmosphere of a mall and rushing to get errands done and kids entertained all in the same stride.As for the toy surface wipes, they were handy for those toys dropped in a mall, store or restaurant. I have always feared the vile things that could be lurking in those places. They were very easy to cart around in the diaper bag. I liked the light scent and felt that they cleaned the surfaces and toys with lots of liquid on the wipes. I will be looking for a place to pick up more.
In my opinion, Dapple® has great products in both the dish soap and the toy wipes. I will be making sure I pick up the wipes and the dish soap. I also used the dish soap to wash the kids dishes and utensils, and found it cleaned very good. It will be a must suggestion for family members that are expecting in the future.

Thanks to Dapple® for making this review possible. Keep up the great work!
Please check out the other Dapple® products on their website. The site also gives you information on where you can buy the Dapple® products.Ther is also the  Dapple® Baby blog for information and news on their products. And a great thing about Dapple® Baby is the fact that they give back, a portion of their proceeds are donated back into the community of charities found on their website.

Disclaimer: I have not received any monetary compensation for reviewing this product of which I am provided for free; and the point of view expressed here is completely objective.


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