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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Green Books Giveaway 5 Winners!!! Update!!!!!

                                                                   Happy Canada Day!

The Princess helped me with the choosing of the winners of the Little Green Books Giveaway winners...

Here they are:

The Polar Bear's Home winner is #11: CLAIMED

Brock and Kristina said...

We are careful to not litter and we recycle all our paper goods.

Easy to be Green winner has been unclaimed and had to be redrawn, so the winner is #38: CLAIMED

This Lil Piglet Boutique said...

Following your blog thanks to TTA! Please stop by to follow my blog back. :)

We live in a county that is FULL of farms. So yes, we try to be a localvore as best as we can. Plus, it is nice to help out our local farmers, and a big plus - many are organic or pesticide free! :)

heyitscorie said...

I know it's not much, but we've started using eco-friendly cleaners instead of chemicals.

The Wonder Pets Save the Tree! winner is #31: CLAIMED

sucor said...

We eat as local and organic as possible. We do live in a farming area. It is much easier during our local growing season though.



LaVonne said...

thanks, Angela! :)

sucor said...

Thank you Angela and thank you Princess! I am thrilled to win this book. Since I learned about them here, I looked for them a my local bookstore but they didn't have any. I think they would be a great gift idea so I'll check again when I get a chance to go to a larger store.