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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One year ago I met the most handsome little man...

One year ago today, Cheeky Monkey came into our family and everything changed....

(I was not familiar with the ways of the boy and had to quickly make myself into a Mommy to a boy. All the days spent as being a Mommy to a girl were now filled with so much to learn.) 

The #1 on the list was to always point "it" downward during diaper changing (the most important rule to being a Mommy to a boy).
From the moment he was placed in my arms, I felt instantly like I did with the Princess....an overpowering amount of love and devotion.

Over the past year, Cheeky Monkey has changed so much, it is amazing. 
He has started to come into his own since he has been on the move. He is trying to communicate more and more everyday. He wants to be like the Princess and enjoys following her around. 
He is such a cutie like his big sister. 

His first year has been one filled with learning for him and for our family...while he was learning to be Cheeky Monkey, we were learning to be a complete family and Princess was learning how to be a big sister and to share. 
We love the Cheeky Monkey so much. 

Happy 1st Birthday Cheeky Monkey!
 We love you lots & lots!

P.S. I have lots of pictures from the big party on the weekend, will post soon, just organizing them now.
Sorry for not posting sooner but my baby sister and her fiance were in town for a week, we were occupied with party and her wedding shopping. It was a great week! Wish they could have stayed longer....oh the fate of living 1500 kms apart.
We have cherished every moment we spent with them and will be seeing them soon...trip planning underway...


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I♥thesecrazykids said...

Happy Birthday little guy!