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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Earth Day...and My First Giveaway!!!! (Giveaway Closed)

Earth Day turns 40 today!
And I am giving away 2 (yes two!) Earth Day inspired prizes to celebrate!!!

When I opened my mail on Monday, I found 2 peculiar looking packages of  little pucks plus a twoonie-sized puck.  Canawipe Distributors Ltd., importers of  the eco-friendly Wysi™ Wipes, were so very kind to have sent me product to review. The mail package contained example of their two sizes; the Wysi™ Cloth, and 2 travel packages (12 count/ pkg) of their Wysi™ Wipes to giveaway as part of my Earth Day celebrations!!  So what did I do...I opened the wrapper on the Wysi™ Cloth and added water to the twoonie-sized puck.What happened next, to my amazement along with the Princess' wide eyes, we watched the puck grow & grow into a hand towel sized wipe! All the while Princess kept saying "Wowie Zowie Mommy! What is it?" Then I put Wysi™ to work on my kiddies' many messes. I couldn't get over how really soft and easy to use & reuse. And all I had to do was give it a good rinse then I could move onto another use. I loved the Wysi™ Cloth because is was bigger, a super-sized Wysi™.  I was so surprised at how it stood up to multiple reuses. I can only imagine the convenience that Wysi™ can allow a parent who is on the go, families and everyone else out there with active lifestyles. With having 2 kiddies, myself, there is always something that happens; like having a full glass of pop spilled in your lap while having dinner out with the family, and having no real absorbent towelette to help with the cleanup (it could happen...don't ask). The Wysi™ has endless applications to parenting life (as well as any active life) I am sure! Could the Wysi™  be the product that replaces all those other chemical-filled products out there on the market that are left in the landfill for years to come, and with unpronounceable chemicals in them? I think it could because it can be whatever you want it to be due to its versatility. I kept thinking of people who could make use of this and my list was longer than the Wysi™ Wipe website. Some of the people I thought of included: fishermen & women, woods workers, Churches, Vacation Bible Schools as well as families that go camping, RVing and on long road trips.
Wysi™  Wipe 12 pc
 travel pkg
Guess I better get my hands on more of them!

Most of you are probably wondering about pricing of the Wysi™, aren't you?
Well, to be honest I was really surprised at the deal that they have going on now. They call it the 'Martha Stewart Living Special' because the Wysi™ Wipe was chosen as one of the "Handiest Travel" must haves in the June 2009 issue. The special includes 2- 100 piece bags and 4- 12 pc travel packages for $29.95 (a $5 savings). And if Martha thought it was good to have it must be, right?
To buy the Wysi™ (this is the same pricing  for Canadian and US currencies)
4- 12 pc Wysi™ Wipe travel pkgs = $10.00
1 box of 40-12 pc Wysi™ Wipe travel pkgs = $100.00
1- 10 pc roll of Wysi™ Cloth = $5.95
1 box of 12 rolls of Wysi™Cloth = $71.40
1- 500 pc Wysi™Wipe bag = $44.95
Plus order over $100.00 and automatically get 15% off your order at the online checkout
Wysi™ Wipe also has a newsletter that gives you other specials if you sign up for it.
Their website also offers a "Find A Retailer Near You" option so to save on shipping, which isn't clear on pricing until you go to the checkout that I could see. I have yet to order mine.

What is this Wysi™ Wipe you may ask?
Wysi™Wipe Puck (1 X 2cm)
The Wysi™ comes as a compressed towelette puck made from cellulose, measuring 1 X 2 cm (3/8" X 3/4") for the Wysi™ Wipe, and as soon as you add water (about 1 tablespoon) that thing grows into a 22 X 24 cm (9"X10") whereas the Wysi™ Cloth measured 4.5X4.5X1.25 cm (1.75"X 0.5" X1.75") and became this cloth 42 X 58 cm (17" X21"). The Wysi™ products irregardless of whether you have the Wipe or the Cloth are fully biodegradable, compostable, reusable cloth. They are 100% natural, scent-free, alcohol-free, chemical-free and safe on delicate skin. Whitened in a oxygen based process using H2O2, which has environmental benefits. The liquid becomes the only additive in the mix. On the back of the package lists different liquids create results that could make the Wysi™ a cleanser, a grease cutter,  antibacterial, a facial cleanser, among others. Due to Wysi™being soft and lint-free , you can use as a baby wipe, a pet wipe, kitchen wipe, bathroom cleaner wipe, computer screen cleaner, a tool for campers, fisherpersons, and I think that if you can imagine it then there is a place for the Wysi™ to be used. Their slogan:  
just explains the simplicity and convenience in one single product, which is bridging the gap between the facecloth, paper towel and the pre-moistened towelette. They can absorb up to 10X their weight! To make reuse of the Wysi™, just rinse it out. The life of a Wysi™ is 60 days in a compostable setting!

do as it says above "Just add Water"
TA-DA! the WysiTM Wipe is born! (22 X 24 cm)

So how to you get a chance to win one of the 2 travel packages of 12 pieces of the Wysi™ Wipes up for grabs?
Here is what the Giveaway package looks like.
To enter please hop on over to Organic Girl's blog by clicking HERE, where she has teamed up with Wysi™ Wipe for daily giveaways of Wysi™ packages and a Grand Prize 1-Week Trip, enter her contest (if you want to, she also has some other great contests going on regularly so look around her site and see if any catch your eye)   then come on back & leave a comment below on what giveaway, if any, you entered along with your name and email address (in this form name [at]who[dot]com, so as to prevent spam in your inbox).
I also want to express my thanks to Wysi Wipe for the opportunity to offer you this giveaway on
Earth Day's 40th Birthday!
Prizes will be awarded on Monday, April 26th
Saturday, May 1st
Monday May10th!
Enter for your chance to win before 11:59 pm EST on Friday, April 30th
Sunday, May 9th!
***Remember you don't have to be a follower to enter, but it will be a bonus for the future giveaways and product reviews I will be hosting.
Thanks again Wysi™ .
Good Luck to all of
you who enter.

Happy Earth Day!
Celebrating Earth Day Everyday!
A Mama with 2 Cents Worth to Share

Update: I changed the date for the Giveaway, extended it to May 1st10th!!! 

1 comment:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I found your blog on another one I was visiting. I was surprised that I had made it here in time for your giveaway. I am not sure I have the right post for the giveaway, but I did try to leave a comment on Organic Girl. Not sure it took, since I don't see any others. Had trouble with the site, but muddled through. Thanks for the chance to win these wipes. I really look forward to finding these wipes in my area.